Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Raven in the Snow

 Her first glimpse at the snow this morning
Last winter, Raven was too young to appreciate the snow too much, so we didn't take her outside hardly at all.

This year, we were actually kind of excited for the first snow--we were excited to see her reaction to this strange cold white phenomenon that had coated her little world overnight.

We didn't bother with getting her changed out of her pajamas---

We just threw some boots on (which work perfectly over her footie p.j.'s because the shoes are slightly too big for her still), pulled her little pink coat out of the closet, and set out, her "wubby" tucked firmly into the crook of her arm and the curl of her fist.

We convinced her to reach out and touch it, to take it all in with her eyes, to scoop it up with the tops of her shoes as we trekked across the unmarked canvas of whitest white.

The face below brought to you be an inch and a half of accumulated snow under her boots, making her walk tall and awkward 
(with the boots only accumulating more with each step)

I'm not sure she knows how to feel about it, after just one little excursion out.

Then again, 30 years in, and I'm not sure how I feel about it half the time, either.

 But it was a beautiful way to start a Thursday all the same.


  1. Ha I love that uncertain face she is making! I took Gavin out today and let him touch it but not crawl around! I am not letting him go wild in the snow until he can walk. It's kind of magical to see them experience it all!

  2. I still have a love/hate relationship with it myself :)
    & that's how I go out & play in snow too - with some warm jammies on with my boots. Keep that warm going with flannel pants ;)

  3. So cute! She looks so uncertain, it's adorable!


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