Monday, October 31, 2016

My First Halloween Costume in 8 Years

Fun fact #1: This is the first time since 2008 that I've dressed up for Halloween. Yes, I officially know how lame I am. (And let's face it---we wouldn't have done half of the stuff we have (or will) for the holiday if it weren't for Raven. That's the glorious thing about having kids-- it yanks you out of your lame-ness and forces you to do fun things once in awhile.)

Fun fact #2: Within an hour after posting the above photo, I immediately lost 10 Instagram followers. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Guess I definitely win the creepiest creeper award! (Although, let's just be honest---anytime I post pictures of anything other than Raven, I lose followers! Apparently people just think I'm cool because of my kid. I'm okay with that.)


Fun fact #3: There are three Ryans in my family, and they were all at my mom's Halloween party last Saturday (along with all my mom's grandkids). 

More pics from the party:

Raven wasn't sure about most of the games, but she liked the "grab-the-donut-off-the-string-and-eat-it game). She also enjoyed running around collecting beanbags out of the pumpkin buckets from the Beanbag Toss game, which made her like an extra obstacle/challenge to overcome.

An attempted pic of all the grandkids, a feat that doesn't happen very often.

Fun fact #4: We also carved pumpkins for the first time last night in probably six years. Raven kept putting pumpkin pulp in her mouth.

She also growled out a WHOA when she saw the pumpkin lit up outside in the dark.

It basically made up for all the clean-up we had later.

And then tonight, we're off to a church party that involves a trunk or treat, a chili cookoff, and lots of cookies.

A successful Halloween, for the books! (And a much more successful Halloween than usual, one could easily argue.)

Now I just need to jet off to Sam's Club and get some candy for the trick-or-treaters.



  1. You look adorable!
    What is wrong with people? Why would they unfollow you after such a cute picture. People are nerds. Well, you just GAINED a new follower - I love all your pictures :)
    Have a great time tonight.
    I wish I had a reason to dress up. We get no trick or treaters, we have no kiddos at our house. I could dress up & just sit in front of the TV #thatsreallysad ;) haha

  2. This is so cute! I love the costumes, it looks like a blast! WOW! SO many grandkids! How many siblings do you have? How fun. Spending time with my cousins was one of my favorite parts of being a kid! Glad you guys got to do some fun Halloween time things this year. That's so cute that she was excited about the pumpkin when it was lit up. :) :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. I think your costume is great! Very realistic and cool. Raven's is adorable too!

  4. i didn't even buy halloween candy technically. i bought a bag of hi-chews at costco for jae because he loves them and they were on sale. and then he didn't even open it and i asked him why and he thought they were halloween candy to hand out. and i said oh yeah! they totally are! good idea ;) so i didn't buy anything else and it was great. no chocolate for me for the next 3 weeks........ *sniff*


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