Friday, July 22, 2016

A Tale of Two Friends

If our kids' gibberish could be articulated out into English, this is probably exactly what happened that day in the pool.

Ice cream and all.


  1. This is too cute, and spot on - - - hahahaha! I love the sibling dynamic!

    1. Ha ha, they do kind of act like siblings! Probably because they spent so much time together back when I was still working and my friend watched Raven for me :)

  2. So, R has started being kind of territorial about her toys and things with other babies at daycare, and I'm a little shocked. I am not ready for this! The daycare teacher said they need to learn to work it out themselves, which is what looked like happened here too, and that's awesome! I need to read up on baby socialization so I can be ready for all this madness as they grow! Super cute pictures :)


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