Monday, April 25, 2011

Photo Walk - Death/Life

Matt and I realized yesterday (during a rare break in our stressful lives) that we haven't been on a photo walk in a really long time. The hope of spring blossoms and bright blooms was enough to make us postpone a much-needed nap and head out into the great outdoors in search of the latest displays of earthly beauty. Unfortunately, the walk ended up being somewhat of a failure...we couldn't hardly find any trees in blossom in the two locations we went to, and our theme of life/death seemed to have more death than life in it. However, we did find a few scenes worthy of capturing on camera. If I remember correctly, all of the photos I'm including were taken by Matt (I didn't get any particularly good ones). Hope you enjoy!!

I particularly like this one below--I wish my camera lens was better at focusing though so we could have captured this tulip that was poking up miraculously amidst a tightly-bound bramble.

Here's to spring, which seems to *finally* be on its way! (kinda)


  1. and then....we have a winter weather storm watch today...of course! thank you utah. beautiful pictures though!

  2. That's really pretty! I hope it's not snowing up in Logan today. I want a better camera with cool focus features also!


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