Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our First Apartment

We did it! Matt and I signed the contract to rent our first apartment together. And I love it--it's a two-bedroom townhouse-style place with hardwood floors downstairs and washer and dryer hookups. AND IT HAS A DISHWASHER. I have lived this whole last school year without a dishwasher, and I feel like I've died and gone to heaven with the thought that I won't have to wash dishes by hand anymore.

I can't wait to move all our stuff in and make the place "ours."

Now May 7th needs to just come already...


  1. congrats! it sounds so nice (so much nicer than our ghetto apartment we had when we got married, ha!) i'm jealous of both the washer dryer hookups AND the dishwasher ... both things we do not have in our current apartment. one day, one day ...

  2. OOOooo! I can't wait to see! hardwood floors *sigh*. Sounds wonderful, I'm excited for you!

  3. That's awesome that you found such a big place! You'll love having the extra space of a second bedroom, you'll be surprised at what you accumulate over time. And a dishwasher, I'm jealous! Our first place had one, but our place now doesn't, and it pretty much sucks. You'll have to share pictures!

  4. funnn!!!!!!!!!!!! first apartments are the best (and sometimes, worst, but ya know what i mean). so excited for you. married life is the bomb.


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