Thursday, April 7, 2011

Change It Up Challenge - Subway's Meatball Marinara Sub

I used to pride myself on being the person who tries a new entree with every trip to the same restaurant--I don't know if I just got to the point where I had tried everything at all my favorite restaurants or if I had just gotten myself into a same-food stalemate, but I stopped trying new things for awhile. But not today. No sir! I made an impulsive decision during an awkward lesson on homosexuality in my psych class today to text Matt and suggest we make a super-quick Subway date during the hour I had between class and work. So we braved the blizzard to find the nearest Subway and satisfy my need for a homework-less, awkward-less hour in my day.

Upon arriving, I was tempted to go for one of my tried and true favorites like the cold cut trio or pastrami, but I decided to go all crazy and order something I'd never tried before: the Meatball Marinara sub. The real dilemma was what to put on it though--I think I annoyed the kid working there a bit with my pesky questions of what most people put on a sub like that and whether certain things would taste good on it or not. I ended up going pretty simple--provolone cheese and olives on the side with a little oregano and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Especially considering the chilly weather outside, the hot toasted sub tasted pretty good darn scrumptious.

As far as a review goes, the bites were most delicious that included a perfectly mixed combo of meatball, olives, cheese, and marinara: those were the bites that would tempt me to order this meatball sub the next time I saw the first lacy snowflake ruining all my hopes of spring. However, every other bite seemed to consist of sauce, bread, and olives only--not the greatest combination to satisfy my ravenous appetite which had been steadily at work since 10:00 this morning. Nevertheless, I found the sub a perfectly lovely way to warm me up on a cold wintry day in April. The only way it could have been better would have been with a Dr. Pepper on the side and a slice of cheesecake to round it off :).

Change It Up Successful? Yes--my appetite was satisfied, my palate refreshed by a new flavor, and my motivation to try new things has been renewed.

Oh, and P.S. Only one month 'til I get married :)

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