Thursday, February 17, 2011

WIOSI Challenge, Item #2

WIOSI Article #2: Long-Sleeve Pink Tee
I am not a pink person. Maybe it stems back to the fact that I spent my younger years playing tomboy and dirtying up t-shirts and that I spent my first year of college makeup-less the majority of days. Perhaps it's because I've been told that pink is just "not my color." Whatever the reason, I find that if I ever buy pink shirts, I rarely wear them. This shirt in particular I have not worn in literally years. It's a pretty basic long-sleeve tee from Old Navy--nothing too special in the fit, but a really bright, eye-catching color.
So the big question is: Wear It or Share It?


  1. for me, this is a no brainer. WEAR IT! it looks grrrrreat on you! I guess if pink weren't my thing i'd feel different too, but, I have a similar sweater in my closet right now, and i love it! Plus with your rich dark hair it for sure looks "eye catching", worn better than any blonde (no offense).

  2. Wear it, but I already told you that in person.

  3. Wear it! it looks super comfy and you know I love the color.


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