Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photo Walk - Beauty in January? Why Yes!

Monday being a holiday (and a nice, sunny one at that), Matt and I decided to take a walk around Logan to force ourselves to get out of our apartments and get some fresh air. To make it a little more fun, we took my camera and gave ourselves the challenge of finding 10 beautiful things. Who knew that January could be so unexpectedly lovely?

Look closely to see the water dripping!

Matt thought these little balls looked like raw brains, but I liked 'em!

I thought it was cute that Matt counted me as one of the beautiful things on the walk!

And Matt being Matt is always beautiful to me!


  1. This makes me excited to get to Logan :) It is very beautiful, and you two are included in that :P :)

  2. How do I meet up with you on Shelfari? I'm trying to get more involved in the sight and would love to be a Shelfari book nerd with you :)

  3. My username is torrie lynn. Kayla and Matt are my friends on there too. I love the site--it's the easiest way to keep up with what's new in books and keep track of all that I've read :)


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