Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Times

Another Tito gets baptized! This time it was Tito Bernardo Velasquez Serrano on the 26th of February 2010. Tito is standing next to me. Next to Hermana Beckett is Nefi Aragon, our Elder's Quorum President.Another baptism calls for another celebration stovetop cake. Unfortunately, this one didn't turn out as good as the last one did, despite trying to disguise the results with white frosting. Tito was a good sport, however, and still ate it.
Here are my two "Tito" converts. Actually I have a third convert that also goes by Tito. What are the chances?
(2/24/10) Getting ready for another transfer day calls for a district celebration, complete with ice cream.
Just two crazy hermanas mugging for the camera!

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