Sunday, January 17, 2010

House with a View!

Happy New Year! The big news this week is that we have finally moved. We'd been looking for a house for awhile because the place we had been living was very small to house four missionaries who had very different schedules. (The hermanas we live with have to leave really early and return early in the evening because their area is dangerous to work in after dark.) The hardest thing was that we only had one bathroom plus all four of us were sleeping in a little room. Our new house actually has TWO stories! I still can't believe we have a house with a view (this picture is taken from the upper level window).
Sometimes we just twirl around or run up and down the stairs because it feels to weird to be in a place with so much space. It is actually about the size of a small condo in the states, but to us it feels like a palace!I love our cute bedroom--pink and girly...
And this modern bathroom is the best! I can hardly believe that we have a bathtub and a real shower! (Remember those pictures of the first place I lived in Sensunapan? What a difference!)It's so great to have a study area to call my own.
Forgive our mess--we were still moving in when this picture was taken--but isn't the kitchen grand?

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