Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas the El Salvador Way

We have a little Christmas table set up in our apartment with the tiny tree, nativity, and ornament that mom sent and also some Christmas cards and a few other things.
Christmas here is celebrated mainly on the 24th. Our district got together that morning and made this special breakfast of French toast since it was the gringas turn to cook.
Just what I wanted: a CD of the Tab Choir!
On Christmas Day we went to a place called Nuevo Sitio which is at the end of the boundaries of our area. Marielos (our recent convert of a couple of weeks ago) invited us to spend Christmas with her family. This is a picture of her neighbor Maira (on the right) and Maira's cousin. We are currently teaching both Maira and her mother. We enjoyed a special Christmas meal of panes con pollo (bread with chicken) and then watched while they lit off a bunch of fireworks which is what they do down here. Gift giving is not such a big thing down here-instead families get together for a meal and then light off fireworks until early morning. There are also a lot of dances that go on. It was a beautiful, starry night and being surrounded by all the huge jungle trees and seeing all the fireworks going off everywhere--it was a beautiful night.

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