Monday, November 30, 2009

Estrogen Rocks!

I am so psyched today because we were able to go into San Salvador and meet with all the sisters in the mission for a special Christmas activityBoth Hermana Poteet and I have a little darker hair compared to the last picture we took together. We have both dyed our hair dark because we've gotten tired of getting so much of this "gringa" stuff. Now some people think I am latino with contact lenses...until I open my mouth.
It was so great to see Hermana Pasi again. Hermana Cash (on the right) is being trained right now by Hermana Pasi. That would make her Hermana Pasi's other "daughter" in the mission, so I think that makes me her big sister?

I love the wife of our mission president, Hermana Lopez. She is so very good to us.
I may quite possibly be with Hermana Jiminez only one more week. She has been here in Versailles for quite a while and I got a hint from President Lopez that I will be receiving someone to train most likely next Monday. I feel gigantic next to her.

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