Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly?

The Good: (7/31/09) Baptisms are always the best! This picture is of Marlon and Fernando`s baptism as well most of the jovenes (youth) and the leaders of the jovenes.
The Bad: Getting a bad case of bronchitis two days before the baptism. I was able to get permission to go but had to wear this mask (and everyone would yell at me H1N1!! which is the name of the swine flu that`s been going around here). I even had to miss church on Sunday--probably the first time I have missed church due to illness since junior high.
...And the Ugly?: Absolutely nothing (except maybe the bathrooms). In reality, though, there is nothing ugly about the people down here in El Salvador (or about the missionaries either)--they are warm, caring and open. By the way, the bishop is the man in the white shirt in the middle of the picture and the others are random members of our ward.

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