Sunday, July 19, 2009

Working Hard

I perhaps expected my shoes to wear out near the end of my mission, but not after just a few months. Thanks to the Missionary Mall's guarantee, I should have a new pair soon (or at last as soon as I get packages here which isn't very often).
The baptism of Vanessa and Yosselin Tiznado took place on July 10, 2009. Vanessa is on the left, then Rufy (joven [youth] in the ward who baptized them), Yosselin on the right.
(Left to right): Here are Yosselin, Hna Artero (my companion) , Karen (who we never did get permission for, but who still comes to church and loves listening to us), and Vanessa.
And now, the whole group. Sorry the picture is blurry but my camera is not the best. I'm hoping to buy a new one when I perhaps get back together with Hermana Pasi since it not only doesn't always take clear pictures, but also the flash broke. It's difficult to buy one with a native companion since only the very rich are able to afford cameras down here

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