Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Baptisms

(5/17/09) Here we are at the "Bautismo de Santiago Garcia." He has such a powerful testimony and will be able to be a real leader here. (To his right is Erick Morena, one of our good friends here. He speaks English and is leaving on his mission in about 3 weeks for Guatemala City. He accompanies us all the time with our lessons and wére going to miss him a ton).
(5/24/09) Baptism of Henry! Since we first met with him a couple of months ago, we have seen a mighty change take place in his life as the Spirit has touched his heart.This family is like my family here--Hayzell (Henrýs sister) is 19, then Henry turns 17 in about 2 weeks, and Hna Toyita (Henry's abuela) is like my mom here. They always feed us and I love them more than anything.
Here is Henry and his family. (His mom and stepdad are on the right, and wére actually going to start teaching them today. Everyone else is a member).
Hna Pasi, Ana Gloria (behind her), and Estefani (behind me) are enjoying a delicious meal together. They're not exactly investigators (theýre devout evangelicos), but they feed us pupusas all the time. Another thing I love about the mission is even if people don't accept our message, we still learn from each other and love each other. That's how it should be!

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