Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life in Sensunapan

Kenny (bottom left corner) is one the girls we are teaching. Her family has listened in on a few of the discussions and her sister (not pictured) even came to Enrique's baptism with Kenny.
This is a family of kids that we are teaching. The oldest is Marvin, who has his "fecha" scheduled for the 9th of May. The next oldest is Gabriela, then Nilson and Alejandra. We are hoping to baptize this entire family with more time.
Here are some of the elders in our zone (from left): Elder Castellanos (our district leader), Elder Russell, (our zone leader), a recently returned missionary from our mission (don't remember his name), Elder Alston, Elder Paz, Elder Haag and Elder Medina.
The week before Easter, they have what they call Holy Week here where they have all these festivals and parades and crazy processions in the street. The people carry around a huge statue of Christ carrying a cross surrounded by all these candles and they go around chanting Halloween-type songs. Anyway, before the procession carrying the statue comes through, the people make these beautiful pictures in the street out of flowers, paint, or colored sand. This one with butterflies was a particularly cool one.
Here is the outside of our house where we first lived (we have since moved). It's actually pretty cute, no? It was actually one of the nicer houses in the area (despite the sink and shower). It was even nicer than the house we are currently living in, but both of the houses are nice as far as houses here go, so I'm counting my blessings.

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