Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two Weeks to Go...

Well, here I am: 14 days from the MTC!!! I keep thinking that the nervousness and anxiety will hit me sometime soon, but so far, all I feel is a sharp excitement and an I-can't-wait feeling. The only thing I'm nervous about right now is speaking in church in a week and a half, which is strange, because I never get nervous about speaking in public. I think the difference this time is that many people will be there only to hear ME, and that's a little scary...maybe I'll be a little less nervous after I actually prepare my talk...

One thing I've realized these past few weeks is how much WORK goes into simply getting ready for a mission; I thought that once the work of getting my papers in and buying some missionary clothes was done, I'd be pretty much finished. Ha! I have a three-page to-do list and every day have to force myself to get at least one thing crossed off. I haven't done anything off the list yet today, which makes me feel a bit guilty...but luckily the day is young. I'll probably get around to entering USU's creative writing contest today (if I'm lucky enough to win, that money will mean I can pay my rent when I get back! woo hoo!).

It's strange to think of saying goodbye to all this for 18 months...saying goodbye to family parties, late-night chats with friends, schoolwork, reading by the fire, talks over dinner with my mom, games with my friends and's sad to think that everyone will be a little bit more grown up when I get home, and that our relationships will have changed a little too. But life goes on, and change is inevitable, so I'm determined to just press forward and enjoy every new curve life throws my way.

I've been going to the temple every week, and I decided one of my favorite things is to go through new temples for the first time. Last week, I went and stayed a night down in Provo with one of Blake's friends, and the next morning him and I went to the Provo temple to do sealings. Very cool experience.

Blake and I realized we had no recent pictures of the two of us--the last ones we took when we were 16--so we decided to take a couple new ones. The funny thing is, I don't think we look all that different from the ones before. If I had time, I would post one of the ones from sophomore year on here and you'd see what I mean. Ah well.
I'm just so EXCITED to go on a mission, and I'm so glad I only have two weeks left to wait...EL SALVADOR HERE I COME!!!


  1. I am going to miss you so much! I know I keep saying that, but I really will. I have Sunday signed off so I can come to your farewell. I promise I'll write you too. We will still be able to stay in touch.

  2. hey congrats on the Mission! I hope you have an awesome time! Are you still writing and stuff?? Im glad I found your blog!


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