Sunday, September 28, 2008

Petrice & Caleb 9-27-08

Yesterday, I went down to Central Utah to celebrate Petrice & Caleb's wedding. Road trip! (Except I was so tired I fell asleep for about half of the car ride). They got married at 11:15 in the Manti Temple, and I was lucky enough to get to play photographer afterward (they had an actual photographer, but Petrice asked me to do a couple different ones, just in case they didn't like the photographer's). I was really happy with how they turned out. Rachel got a better one of the picture below, but I still thought it was funny, so I posted it.

The five of us waiting for them to come out (they took SO long...but that's okay. Petrice had to have time to fix her hair and do her makeup because she'd woken up an hour and a half late)

Petrice and all her friends who came. I love how this turned out.

Petrice catered her entire luncheon and wedding luncheon. Apparently she'd almost pulled all-nighters the two nights previous to getting married to prepare all the food. Everything looked and tasted delicious.

We just had to have one of us making terrible faces. Side note: we hadn't planned to, but all of us friends were wearing black and jewel tones, which was kinda cool. We even matched a lot of the colors of her reception.

Below are some of my favorite pictures that I took of them

That last one is my absolute favorite from the whole day. I thought it turned out amazing (I'm pretty sure I lucked into it, but I'll take it!).

It was so fun having the six of us together again--I thought it was really special that we could all be there to support her. I love how all of us have stayed together for so long--most of us have been friends since elementary, and we've been there for each other through everything (despite both Liz and Petrice moving away in high school). I truly have been blessed with the best friends ever.

As for the rest of my life, I'm staying abreast of all the work (albeit just barely, some days). And all my efforts are starting to really pay off--I've been getting killer grades on my work (which makes me especially happy, because many of my teachers are VERY tough graders), receiving regular compliments on my writing from my creative nonfiction teacher, and my boss has used me as an example on numerous occasions about how to be an effective tutor. There's nothing like feeling appreciated :)

I have a lunch date tomorrow with a guy I met swing dancing named Manuel. We've been dancing together for the past three weeks (he's AMAZING and has shown me all these crazy lifts I never thought I would do--you know the big lift they do in the movie Dirty Dancing? Yeah, I can do that lift now). Anyway, we've been talking quite a bit outside of swing dancing, and he's taking me out tomorrow. Oh, and he's going to teach me how to drive a motorcycle. Boy am I excited!

And of course, the biggest news---if all goes well, my mission papers should be going in TODAY!!! Woo hoo! The long wait is almost over...hopefully in about 10 days I should get my call. Then I can finally stop wondering about where in the world I'm going to end up...


  1. Happy birthday to you!
    Those picture really are amazing...where were you at my wedding?! :o)
    Let me know the day your papers come and we'll drive down.

  2. Sometimes I think you are a better photographer than me and I am the one going to school for it! You are amazing!


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