Friday, July 25, 2008

Playing Hooky

Just like for the 4th, the festivities surrounding Pioneer Day this year seemed to stretch out over several days. Every year, Bountiful throws a big Handcart Days carnival down at the park by the rec center, which is run entirely by volunteers. In junior high , I volunteered every year to work in the cotton candy booth and had a blast having my arm hairs get sugar-sticky and eating all the "mistakes" we made. So when Scott asked me if I could go as a volunteer for their ward, I figured it'd be fun. I roped Matt into doing it, too, since he had this whole week off of work. We both showed up at the park promptly at 11, but the cotton candy booth was already were all the food booths. Apparently, our stake this year had been assigned to supply, sanitation, and management. What that translated into was us basically having nothing to do and wandering around taking the temperatures of various food products (even though the people in the booths were doing it themselves) and emptying out the hand-washing buckets every time they got a few inches of water at the bottom. After two hours, we both got the same mischievous look in our eye and decided to play hooky, since we didn't appear to be needed at all. Somehow in our plans to sneak away, I mentioned that I had this totally random craving for this place called Leatherby's that Kayla and I used to go to almost every week as kids until it moved. They serve homemade old-fashioned ice cream with thick hand-whipped cream and about the best fries you'll ever eat in your life. Well, I remembered that last I heard, there was a location somewhere in Salt Lake, so we texted the all-knowing Google and found the location downtown.

While we were sharing a large caramael sundae and basket of fries, I told him how Kayla and I used to treat each other to Leatherby's almost every week when we were younger; when Kayla got a weekly allowance, she'd take me, and then when I started cleaning for my grandma (and her allowance stopped), I took her. Ah, the wonderful simplicity of childhood, when we never cared about being even or getting paid back...there was just the joy of ice cream and fries and two best friends, giggling over hot fudge and French vanilla. After eating, we drove to the Gateway and literally ran into the theater to make the 2:20 showing of Dark Knight, which I basically just couldn't wait any longer to see (and which Matt didn't mind seeing again). Talk about a summer blockbuster! It was dark, it was action-packed, it was suspensful, it was clench-your-teech and grip-your-seat intense...I didn't even notice that the movie was almost 3 hours long, it was so good. The plot had me a little lost at first (it didn't help that we missed the first couple of minutes), but as the story went on, I got sucked right in to Batman's dilemma of "being the hero or waiting long enough to become the villain" and into the Joker's creepy way of looking at the world. I thought Heath Ledger was seriously incredible in this movie; he was probably the darkest, creepiest, scariest villain I've ever seen played on the big screen. Of course, I'm not a huge fan of superhero movies, so it's not like I've seen a ton of villains, but...I was sufficiently freaked out. It was awesome.

Later, I went and watched fireworks with Matt and Callin, and then we were joined later by Matt's cousin Brian and somehow the four of us ended up at my house watching a chick flick (they all wanted to watch it--it took little to no persuasion on my part). So it was just me and three guys watching Win a Date With Tad Hamilton. Pretty awesome, is what I think. Chick flicks are so much funnier when watched with a group of guys.

For the actual holiday, I didn't do much--watched So You Think You Can Dance (twice), gave Callin a quick piano lesson, played Risk with Kayla, Callin, Matt, and Fish, and then later watched The Office and ate lots of orange-vanilla ice cream up at Callin's brother's apartment. A pretty great week, I'd have to say. I should play hooky more often.

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