Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Moab Pics (People)

Our Moab trip three and a half weeks ago was amazing! The picture above shows the whole group (minus Rachel's husband Devin, who was taking the picture). We drove down Friday night and returned Sunday morning just in time for church. Most of these pictures were taken Saturday, when we actually went out and hiked and stuff. Oh, and in the picture above, I didn't realize how far away from everyone I was--I look like a little loner over there...

Contrary to how it looks, the picture above was NOT posed. Just happened to take a picture at the right place, right time.

Rach & Devin actually planned the whole trip, and I'm so glad they did, because we had a blast! Since the two of them live in Vernal, we hardly ever see them, so this was a good opportunity to all spend time together again. In the morning, they both went river rafting, which is why they're missing from some of our hiking pictures.

The guys showing off their muscles after they'd scrambled up the side of the cliff with few handholds...

Kayla and Fish all a-smile as we began the first hike.

Matt and Callin---always the gentlemen :)

We took this first hike earlier in the morning, when it was still pretty cool outside. The hike was about two miles long in Negro Bill Canyon and wound right alongside a stream that ended in an arch that was so subtle you'd miss it if you weren't paying attention. The hike gave me a lot of time to relax and think about my life, which I really needed after my first stressful week at Upward Bound. I was awestruck at how even though so many things in my life had been stressing me out, the serenity of the landscape brought peace to my heart. I left that hike feeling a little wiser, a little older, and a whole lot calmer.

Funny thing---Kayla and I have this really weird habit of always matching without planning to (it happened up at school too, esp. on Sundays), and Moab was apparently no exception. So, in acceptance of that tendency, at the end of the trip we both bought matching t-shirts :)

These are a little out of order (and I don't know how to rearrange), so this is the gang all asleep in the back as we drove back Sunday morning.

Callin has this habit of doing crazy jumps off of things...actually, he just does a lot of crazy things period.

The boys all tried for probably a good twenty minutes to catch a lizard. They looked like a bunch of little boys scrambling around. We girls just sat over in the shade and chatted and laughed while we let them get their strange burst of energy out.

This last picture is probably one of my favorites from the trip; Matt looks like he's walking through some mythical forest full of strange creatures. If you waited long enough, I bet you could see a gnome or two pop out of the ground.

After the first hike, the five of us headed back to camp and went swimming while we waited for Rach and Devin to get back from river rafting. After a very cold swim and an equally warm nap in the sun, we were all ready to go back out again to do a second hike with everybody. That's when the group picture at the very top was taken. Later that night, we went and hit the town, visiting the Moab Diner (one of my personal favorites) and buying t-shirts at the T-Shirt Shop.

Sunday morning found us all rested and happy as we made the drive back to our various locations. Hopefully a second trip will follow later this summer.

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  1. It looks like a lot of fun!! Maybe if you go again I could come too! :)


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