Friday, July 25, 2008

John Mayer Concert!!!

At the beginning of the summer, I got a very excited text from Mary that said something like, "JOHN MAYER July 21st @ Usana 31 bucks! WE HAVE TO GO!!!" I'm not a big concert goer; in fact, I can probably count the number of "real" concerts I've been to on about two fingers. But I am a huge fan of John Mayer, so I thought, "Why not?" Plus, I thought I'd see what this whole concert scene was all about so I would have good stories when I got older. Or something like that.

After an uneventful day at work and an hour-long drive in rush-hour traffic, we got to Usana Amphitheater, which is , surprisingly (or maybe not so much so), kind of out in the middle of nowhere. Maybe that's so there's no one around to be disturbed by the ear-throbbing noise. Probably, anyway.

So needless to say, we were all VERY excited...The thing I always forget about concerts is that you have to sit through a couple hours of opening acts before you actually get to hear who you came to hear. Maybe it was because John Mayer is so wildly popular that he had not just one, but two opening acts. Both were good; the second performer was Colbie Caillat (who's pictured below), who I actually kinda liked before I came to this, and I don't remember the first guy's name. Some hippie-reggae-Jack-Johnson-type who was tolerable enough.

We got a little restless between performers (and even during them), and I made the mistake of letting Mary have free reign over my camera. Thus, I now have about 60 pictures of me and her making weird faces (and of some of her friends who also came with us).

Funny fact: when you blow your lips (so they make that funny buzzing sound that makes your nose itch if you do it too much), your pictures will turn out pretty rad.

The whole gang (or at least the ones I actually talked to) is pictured below. All of these people are pretty much Mary's friends from high school, who I only really knew from the stories she told about them. I happened to have Uno cards in my purse from when I was helping Hannah move, so we played that to pass the time (when we weren't taking pictures). Such a mindless game, really. It reminded me of the times I'd sleep over at Mara's and we'd play for hours (using her gigantic teddy bear as our playing surface)--we'd start out with about 25 cards apiece, and then play the rule where you have to draw until you can play...those games would literally last all night. Good times.

And then there he was---the man himself! Although I always hope for the artist to be even better live, there's always this fear that they'll sing flat or that it will sound completely computerized (and I'll wonder if they're singing at all)...but holy cow, John Mayer sure didn't disappoint. He was INCREDIBLE live---switching up the melodies, playing these killer guitar solos, telling us some of the most random jokes was like the second he came onstage, the place was just full of this pulsating energy; everyone got on their feet (and stayed on their feet) and danced and sang along the whole time. Lyrics that had never stood out to me before all of a sudden seemed to be infused with this power and I just felt like I should go take over the world or something (or at least go home and play guitar for hours and hours and hours). It was awesome. And the best part about it was that it just made me want to listen to his stuff more---that's how good he was. I loved every second. And he did this KILLER cover of Tom Petty's "Free-Falling" that I tried to get on video, but my memory card filled up too fast. I might post the 10-second clip of it anyway.

We tried to get a picture of the two of us and John (in the background), but it never seemed to work. That's okay though---the picture turned out cute anyway, I thought.

As we drove home, I fell asleep listening to Mary and her friend Amber harmonize to all these artists who are now quickly becoming new favorites: Matt Wertz, Jonny Lang, Sara Bareilles, Ernie Halter...all amazing. Yay for good music, esp. because it's about the only thing that keeps me sane at this job...

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