Monday, July 21, 2008

Good Luck Jeralyn!

I thought I'd finally gotten done with this whole goodbye thing, but alas! It looks like I'll probably be doing it for the rest of my life. The latest missionary to be joining the field is my very own old roomie Jeralyn--she got called to the Michigan Lansing mission and leaves on Wednesday for the MTC. We will miss her greatly---we had lots of crazy good times up at school together. She tried to make us all promise that we wouldn't be married or anything when she got back, so we could room together again, but we'll see what happens. Life has a funny way of messing up all the plans you make for yourself, so none of agreed to that particular plan...

This last week, to celebrate both Liz's 21st birthday and Jeralyn's preparations to leave for the MTC, we decided to do one last roommate dinner together. And where else could we go but Winger's? That place has seriously held so many memories for me over the years, and esp. for all of us roommates over the past couple. We had a great time catching up with everyone; Jeralyn's been so busy that none of us have hardly seen her this summer and Liz is usually with Taylor, so we don't see much of her either, so it was fun having a little girls' night out.

Jeralyn gave her farewell talk last Sunday on faith, and even though she was really nervous and spoke so fast she about cut half the time off her talk, she still did a great job. Funny fact: almost every single one of our guy friends also had to speak on Sunday (all with the high councilmen, all on the same topic), so we all had a LOT of conversations about faith this week as a group of friends, because everyone was trying to hit it from a different angle. If I had wanted to, I could have gone to 6 hours of church on Sunday and just heard talks on faith. But I decided to just go to the singles ward (where Taylor was the one speaking) and then to Jeralyn's. The thing that stuck out to me most out of all the talks was learning to show our faith through prayers that included action on our part, not just requests for blessings. I like being action-oriented, and so I thought it was a great reminder to me to ask Heavenly Father to help me become even more productive in all aspects of my life. And I also know that by showing my faith by following through with action on my part, my faith will be increased and I will be further blessed in my efforts. Pretty cool how much we are blessed beyond anything we could ever deserve.

Below are some group shots from yesterday. In the one below, we were all ready and cute and smiling, but then we realized Jeralyn was nowhere to be found...

So we made sure to catch her in the next ones. Our old roommate Amanda and neighbor Abby from up at school came to hear her talk, as well as our two roommates Ashley and Nicole and our old home teacher Chance (but they all had to leave right after, so they're not in this picture).

I love this picture of all of us old roommates...I'm going to miss living with all these ladies next year. It will be weird not having them around to squawk back at me when I come home or talk until 2 in the morning while eating cheese and crackers or throw wild dance parties in the mornings/afternoons/evenings. My life seems to be slipping by so quickly now that I've learned how to enjoy it to the fullest extent I can; before it seemed I was always living for the future, always looking forward and never enjoying the present. But the past year and a half or so, I've really learned how to just enjoy each day as the blessing it is. It's pretty astounding how big of a difference it's made.

I love this picture of Jeralyn (below). She looked so radiant, and you could tell she was so so excited to go out and serve the people of Michigan. She will make a fantastic missionary with her cheerful attitude and her ability to make anything fun, as well as her love of the scriptures and her love of people. I'm so proud of her.

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  1. I can't believe that more people are leaving!! I wish her the best though. I am sure she will do great.


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