Monday, July 7, 2008

Freedom Celebrations

The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays, not least because it seems to stretch across several days due to the fact that all the cities try to stagger out their celebrations so as not to conflict with each other. One sure fixture of the holiday is attendance at the Eaglewood celebration every 3rd of July. My mom always makes us a delicious picnic involving watermelon and chicken, and we shovel food into our mouths and play with the grandkids while we listen to the live band and wait for the fireworks.

After a few amiable arguments, we decided that we'd been going to Eaglewood for over ten years now--we've been regulars ever since the very first year that it started. This year was a bit different, though---instead of sitting up by the band as usual (and getting our eardrums pounded out by the booming speakers), we found a spot downhill of the country club in a welcoming patch of shade. Conveniently, there was also one of the golf course's sandpits about fifteen feet from us, so all the grandkids toddled on down to that and made various-sized sandpiles, which they gladly brought remnants of to the blankets.

Zoe, who has always loved me before, all of a sudden was acting like she'd never seen me before. Guess that's what I get for going away for a month and a half. To try and bribe her to me later, I took her favorite blanket (shown here) and tried to use that as a ploy for her to come to me. She wasn't falling for it.

Grandpa Scott always buys the kiddies glowsticks every year, and every year, the reactions are always as radiant as the ones below.

Zoe trying to show off her diva side while she is clearly confused as to why these sunglasses feel a little more strange than her little red ones...

Everyone in the Fedor family is a mooch, and clearly this is passing on to the next generation. Good for you Lily! Carry on the tradition!

In high school (and junior high too, I guess), Eaglewood was kind of the "see and be seen" event of the summer. Not that I was cool enough to really worry about that. But it was kinda nice to always see many of my friends there. This year was a bit low on the turnout though (at least as far as my friends go). Kayla was there with her family, and I was later joined by my friends Matt and Mikey for the fireworks. Some of my other friends were also there (like Fish and Dean), but they'd come on a double date, so I never saw them. It's all good though.

Who needs friends anyway when I have a family this cute?

Lily surprised me during the fireworks by running and attacking me with a hug just after they started, saying she wanted to watch them with me. At least one of the Pedersen girls wasn't scared of me...

I decided that everything is more exciting with kids around; it's like seeing the world for the first time again. Love that.

The morning after Eaglewood (the actual Fourth of July), I went rock climbing with Matt. I hadn't been since I went down in St George over spring break all the way back in March, so I was a bit out of practice. By the time we were done, my forearms were so tight that the muscles kept seizing up, and I had to massage them every ten minutes or so to try and ease the throbbing soreness. Climbing was awesome though---easily one of my favorite sports. And Matt told me about this climbing gear wholesaler where I can get my own climbing shoes for 30 bucks, which would be especially convenient, seeing as Matt and I were sharing climbing shoes the whole morning.

This rock climbing excursion had a few firsts in it for me---for example, it was the first time I ever actually fell and needed the person on belay to catch me. Every other time I've gone, I've always been so careful to the point that I never really slipped or anything. But Matt and I were doing a particularly difficult climb that required some risks, which meant falling pretty much every time I attempted it. Which brings me to my second first: not being able to finish a climb. Although I got farther up every time, the climb was simply too difficult for how tired I was. Matt said he's tried it about 20 times and hasn't been able to do it either. But he's gotten closer every time. So next time I go out with him or some of my other friends, we'll try it again. And someday, I'll get it. Guaranteed.

Since Matt and I were the only ones that went, I couldn't get any pictures of us actually climbing (seeing as we had to belay for each other every time). Maybe next time.

P.S. Check out my sweet new hat! :)

Later that night, all of my friends who didn't have plans with their families all gathered up at my house and played croquet and pool until about nine, when we headed up to Davis High in Kaysville to watch their fireworks show. It was probably the best local-type fireworks show I've ever seen; the whole thing was perfectly synchronized to music (for example, when the words "rockets' red glare" came up, red rocket flares shot up, and when the line "the bombs bursting in air" came on, the loud-boom fireworks went off). It was awesome! (like the face I'm making below)

The whole gang (below)

Some sweet fireworks pictures I got...the blue ones are a lot cooler, but for some reason, they're not showing up very well on here. Pity.

Saturday night (the 5th), Mom, Scott, Hannah, and I all headed down to Oakley for our my first pro rodeo (I think everyone else had been to one before). We were supposed to eat at the Spring Chicken Inn, but they were having 'maintenance problems' in the kitchen and couldn't even take our orders for another hour. So we tried to go to the Gateway Grille in Kamas, but the wait was really long there too, as it was at the new little railway-car cafe in Oakley. So we ended up eating at a place called the Bear River Cafe (or something like that), where we ended up waiting about 45 minutes to get our food anyway (after we had ordered), so we might as well have just stayed at the Inn and waited it out. It's all good though---the Cafe had some killer Malibu chicken.

Halfway through the rodeo (which we were a little late to, because of the dinner issue), I went up and sat by Todd's sister Jessica and caught up with her. I've always adored his family, esp. his sister (she lived by us last year up in Logan). It was fun seeing them all again, and I'm glad his mom got the tickets for us----it was awesome! I didn't know what was going on half the time, but I had fun giggling with Hannah over the weird hick-expressions we'd never heard and dancing up at the top of bleachers with Jessica. Good times.

So, a novel and a half later, that covers my July 4th weekend, pretty much. Now I'm back at work, where I just got back from Bruce taking me in the workshop and showing me the 'Rare Earth Magnets' he found (basically just really really powerful magnets). So we had some fun playing around with those and seeing how far away we could catch stuff. I seriously have the most random job ever.


  1. love all the pix and updates esp those darling nieces you have! my my my!

  2. It's funny to see what you were up to at the random different times that I text you. I knew you were gong up to Eaglewood because we ended up not being able to watch our movie, and then again when I text you and you said you were at the rodeo. Sorry that I had to work on the 4th so I couldn't come hang out with you guys. I promise we will eventually see each other though!!


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