Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Daddy Day

Matt and I aren't so great at getting gifts for each other for any holiday other than Christmas...although this year I did, at least, order him a gift for Father's Day from Amazon (though it didn't come in time for him to open it today...sad day...).

And because we're basically poor from having just bought a house (and all the expenses that have come along with it), we didn't get gifts for any of the other fathers in our life, either.

But that isn't to say that we want this day to pass without acknowledging the good men in our lives who have raised us, who have made us who we are---

To my own dad, who has always believed I was capable of anything (and who has often believed in me much more than I've believed in myself), who has taught me to think deeply and to forge my own path, even if it meant being different than those around me...

To my father-in-law, who we are hugging extra tightly and holding extra close lately (as we almost lost him this year), who makes us laugh and gives the best advice and has just such a reassuring feeling about him all the time that "everything is just going to work out" (which Matt has inherited, thank goodness)...

To my stepdad, who has stepped in more times than I can count to give us a hand when we need help (like yesterday, when we started painting our house), who has gone out of his way to make us happy and well-cared-for, who once drove me on the eve of my wedding an hour and a half out of his way just because I was too upset (about something housing-related, not wedding-related) to drive myself...

And finally, to the father of my baby, our precious girl, who has been my partner through thick and thin and who is the best possible role model for our daughter...

A happy father's day to you all! One day a year isn't nearly enough to show you how much you are loved and needed, but hopefully it gives us all the extra reminder we sometimes need to tell you so!

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  1. These kind words, I know are gift enough - no money needed ;)


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