Friday, May 26, 2017

Why I'm Scared to Take a Blogging Break


You may or may not have noticed that I haven't been blogging as much as I was before. (In case you need a breakdown of my "usual" blogging schedule, I usually blog on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which equates to around 12 times a month).

By any standard of regular blogging, 12 times a month really isn't that much, especially when you consider that when I first started really getting into blogging, I was posting 5 times a week and writing up to 23 (!) posts in one month, or basically double what I'm doing now. 

After making the decision years ago to blog solely for my own pleasure rather than profit, I kind of fell off the blog train for awhile (it didn't help that I got pregnant and felt hoooooorribly sick for the first 3 months). Having Raven revived some of the old blogging juices, but it wasn't until last year, when I set the resolution to blog at least 12 times a month, that I felt like I'd finally gotten back into the full swing of blogging again.

I fully intended to do the same this year, but it seemed like we were just hit with one thing after another, and it became harder and harder to show up here. Although I know I have wonderful blog readers who appreciate honesty, I also know that it's generally more interesting to provide posts on a variety of topics, and this year, because of what we've been through, my mind has been called up over and over again to the same things over and over, and rather than overwhelm everyone with posts on similar topics, I've just stayed silent.

Lately, all I can think about is our new house, and all the packing/moving/document signing that goes along with that. Technically, I still have time to blog---Raven is still blessedly going down regularly (more or less) for an afternoon nap, and I have that time set aside to blog...

But my mind's not in it.

My mind is instead on what I want to pack next, or how I want to make another batch of those chocolate sugar cookies I made earlier in the week (which I, um, already did before starting this blog post), or on how I'm basically in summer reading mode and just want to read every chance I get. I've been trying to talk myself into using the time to blog like I feel I "should" be, but it rarely seems to work. 

Most people would say for me just to take a blogging break and pick it back up again next month when we've closed on the house (so my mind will finally be free to think about something unpacking and home renovation projects). 

And, really, there's no logical reason why I SHOULDN'T take a break--after all, since I blog solely for my own benefit, it's not like I'm tied to obligations made to other companies or bloggers or anything.

But I'm scared to take a full break. And this is why:

When I last let myself just blog whenever I felt like it, there were months I only blogged 3-4 times in the whole month, most notably during my pregnancy. And while this is hardly the end of the world, I still, to this day, regret not having written more during that time of my life (and I especially regret not having taken more pictures).

The fact is, this blog, for better or worse, has officially replaced any journal/scrapbook/diary that I might keep on my life. This blog is IT.

So when I don't write, and I don't's like those times disappear from existence (because heaven knows my memory is too poor to remember much of them). 

All this is just to say that I'm not letting myself take a full break, but that I might not be posting as much as usual over the next month, too. All of this is to remind myself that even though blogging takes work, it's something I want to continue investing my time and energy in.

So hopefully by the end of June, I'll be right on track to the regular posting schedule again, with a mind that's not so tied to just one thing.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Three days a week is intense and a lot!! I say give yourself a tiny break and we'll be here and happy to read whenever you can post with your move :)

  2. I so get & appreciate this. I feel overwhelemed sometimes & think, I'm not going to blog for awhile... but I am the same way - I feel like I'm just cheating myself out of the memories & thoughts that I want to look back on.
    I think its smart to just do it when you can while you move ... that's a big job... & you'll be settled in soon enough & back into full routine.

  3. I used to have a public blog and wrote all the time, but once I had kids I just didn't feel like I had the time or the desire for it anymore. But I still blog privately and although hardly anyone reads it I'm the same way. I can't give it up because it is my record of my family. One day we will look back at these memories and cherish them. 😊

  4. I totally get what you're saying and understand not being in the mind-set to blog. I haven't really been in that mind-set lately either. But I also think that if you see your blog as a journal for yourself, then I wouldn't care so much about readers feeling like you're blogging about the same topic over and over. After all, if that's what's on your mind and you want to write about it, you should!

  5. I can totally understand your feelings here. Taking a break seems very final, I always feel like it is hard to come back for breaks. This is a lot of where I document my life too. So it's been so nice to never take more than a tiny holiday type break. :) Even if I do post less. :) Giving myself a bit of leeway, but trying to think about blogging when I can has been good for me. There are times when I have more thoughts than others, but doing consistent posts like music every Friday and books for SUYB and monthly goals with Kristen for What's New With You definitely helps shape a chunk of my monthly posts which helps when I am low on ideas. :) I thinks sharing whatever you're thinking about at the time/as much as you are able to is totally fine! XO - Alexandra

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