Sunday, April 10, 2016

10 on 10

Remember how I said that one month, I was actually going to stick with just 10 photos?

News Flash:

This is not that month.

(I mean, look at that face---how could I resist?)

But here are the "official 10," in no particular order:

1 // Everything is about walking these days. EVERYTHING. Matt and I might have permanent hunchback from walking like this for seemingly hours, day in and day out.

2// We believe in starting kids' musical careers really young. (And oh, how she loves to "practice"!)

3// She slays me with those pigtails.
 4// Watching t.v. like a big girl.

 5// Standing around like it's No Big Deal.

6// Gazing at her favorite page of her favorite book. (Side note: Daddy makes the best moo-ing sound--he basically became the cow whisperer when he worked at the beef plant because he always tried to warn the cows to run away before it was too late...) 

7// This is how you're supposed to play with this toy, Mom.
8// It's hard to tell her not to play with the DVDs when she gives you this face while doing it. (Seriously--you try it!) 

 9// To my mother: this is why my daughter is never wearing shoes or socks.

10// It's official: this girl is mischievous. Her favorite toys? Anything that's not supposed to be. 

 And for a bonus pic---

Good thing she's cute even when she's whiny. 

Little video of the month:



  1. How could you possibly stick to only ten?! So precious!

  2. Isnt it so fun to see her personality more and more? And wonder what will stick and what will change? Love the pic of her on the couch with Matt.


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