Friday, January 29, 2016


Today I took a sick day from work due to the fact that our entire household seems to have come down with something. Owing to our slightly varying symptoms, it's been difficult to tell if we've all come down with the same something or with three different somethings, but either way, it's not been much fun.

Today I felt bad for my students because I submitted the sub request at midnight last night and came up with the sub plan at the same time, and I have no clue how coherent it was. I for sure know though that the lesson plans had nothing to do with what we were currently working on...

Today, after nearly five years of marriage, I saw my husband throw up for the first time, and I myself have felt like I'm in the first trimester of pregnancy all over again, complete with feeling a dreadful nausea constantly but without even the temporary relief of being actually able to throw anything up.

Today we have eaten applesauce and Sprite and buttered toast, and I am still undecided about what gluten does to my body (if anything, really). I've added gluten back in for about six days now, and I'm torn about which symptoms are owing to which thing (to sickness, to the dry, cold weather, or to the gluten). I told my husband that after my two slices of toast this morning, I was going back off of gluten (which for some reason he found funny...).

Today I put in Frozen so that I could relax for a minute, and today I present you with "Raven's Frozen Face"--a look of complete rapture and focus as she stares, transfixed, at the singing figures on the screen. That movie has magical properties, I swear.

Today I discovered that even when I'm sick, I feel like I need to be getting stuff accomplished. A small part of me always longs to get a little sick just so I can feel justified in taking a break, and now that I am actually sick, I'm still puttering around, feeling stupidly guilty about trying to take time to do things like watch a chick flick or read or just sit and stare at the ceiling.

Today I told Matt that maybe I shouldn't read my current fiction book--The Husband's Secret--right before bed because I'm worried it will give me nightmares. I almost never read books that are "pageturners" or "thrillers," and now I remember why. I am still enjoying it, though (until I turn off the light to go to sleep, anyway).

Today I kept looking at the clock and thinking about what period I'd be teaching if I were at the school. The funny thing was, every time I looked at the clock and saw the time, I'd think--"Wow. I really teach for this long every day?! This is the longest day ever..."

Today I realized that to keep my new year's resolution of blogging at least 12 times every month, I'll have to blog today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Looks like you'll be hearing from me a lot this weekend...

Hope your weekend is not full of sickness and throw-up bowls and fuzzy brains, like another person's that I know...


  1. Being sick is no fun! I hope you all feel better soon! Frozen seriously does have something magical about it. I don't even love it but my kids sure do! Thank goodness for magic movies though!

    1. I used to love Frozen and now I go a bit crazy when it's on in the background...thank goodness the baby still is calmed by it though, like you said!

  2. Ah! We had the same thing last week! Jordan had the flu, and I got the stomach bug and THEN I gave him my stomach bug... It was terrible. No fun!


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