Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Lost Weeks

Sometimes I wonder if I'll look back at the last four and a half months of my life and wonder what in the world I was up to. I had relied on blogging as my personal journal for so long that now, looking back at the scarcity of posts, I'm wondering how I let so much time slip away.

And now that I've been away from regular blogging for what seems like such a very long time, it's like I have everything and nothing to say all at once.

I once told a friend who marveled at how I came up with daily blog topics that it is far easier to blog daily than to blog sporadically. She looked at me in disbelief, but I know all too well it's true--when you've made the commitment to come to the blank page night after night, you're constantly on the lookout for what to say. When you let yourself go off that schedule, well...

You get a rambling post like this one.

I can't tell you how many times I've realized over the past couple weeks that I took a bajillion pictures of something, only to never post about it (like the 4th of July or Halloween or our garden harvest).

I won't promise that I'll be better, but I find that I miss the daily practice of recording my thoughts, so who knows? Maybe you will see me more of me after all.

Things you might want to know:
-My students this year are overall quite delightful. It feels almost like a vacation after last year's nightmare.
-While the photography business thing is going along well, I've found that I've almost completely stopped taking pictures for pleasure. I need to remedy that, but it's a matter of finding time...maybe when the holidays hit and all this end-of-term grading is done, I'll let myself play around a little bit more.
-I am exactly 19 weeks today, just one week shy of being exactly halfway through this pregnancy. We find out next week at my 20-week ultrasound what we're having. Any guesses?


  1. can you hardly believe you're basically halfway!? and so close to finding out what that little bean is?? well i am excited for you. my vote is boy :)

    ps i totally know what you mean about blogging. once you get in groove, it's almost easier to whip em out all the time. but once you only blog like twice in a whole month, it's like...where do i even start? and so you don't haha. just wait til that little munchkin is here and the days will go even faster and it gets even harder to blog. i do enjoy the updates though. glad you're doing well friend.

  2. OH MY GOSH! CONGRATS! I have been so mia from blogging! What a fun surprise to find this new out!

  3. I never blog and yes it makes it harder to think of what to write when so much has happened. You have the tiniest cutesy baby bump! I think you are having a boy.

  4. I'm so excited to see that tiny baby bump (which you probably don't feel is that tiny)!! I've been wondering about how thing are going. and my guess is BOY!


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