Monday, July 28, 2014


(photo unrelated to post, but I like it so I'm posting it anyway!)

Today I woke up at five o'clock so that I could drive down to Provo for a week-long educator conference that consists of me writing standardized test questions for 8 hours a day, 5 days this week.

Today I found out that writing standardized test questions is exactly as awful and tedious as it sounds.

Today I also discovered that standardized testing companies must have all the real money when it comes to education---I get my own room at the Marriott all week, all my meals paid for, my gas reimbursed, and $100 a day. Not bad.

Today on my two-hour drive down to Utah County, I got quite the scare as a long stream of toilet paper flew across the freeway and swirled around right in front of my windshield.

Today I saw that same stream of toilet paper attached to the antenna on the back of a car, waving and flapping fifteen feet behind it like the worst kind of after-bathroom embarrassment.

Today I went on the first run in over a month that I really, truly enjoyed. The steam rising up from the pavement combined with the cold rain streaming down from the sky made for ideal running conditions.

Today, in the middle of that run, I came across the best pupuseria (Salvadorean) restaurant I've tried in the States yet (El Mexsal). Thanks for the recommendation, Leah!  

Today I came face-to-face with the reality of why I've only gained weight this summer---I really like to eat. Like a LOT. It's kind of a problem.

Today I checked into a hotel solo for the first time in my life. I've got a spacious room with two full-size beds and over 80 channels of cable t.v. 

Today I discovered that even with 80 channels, I'm still not a big t.v. watcher.

Today I started missing my husband from the second I closed our apartment door behind me at 5:30 this morning. Friday afternoon can't come soon enough.

What has your day been like? (And if anyone knows of other good places to eat in Provo--preferably not chain restaurants, I've got a $16 stipend for dinner every day and need some recommendations!)


  1. wheres that photo taken, out of curiosity? I'm so glad you liked el mexsal! It's one of my favorites. And definitely post if you find any other good places to eat while you're in provo :)

  2. Mmmm! Provo has SO many good food places. We love Mountain West Burrito, which has 2 locations in Provo, one just south of campus and one on State Street. We also love Slab Pizza which is south of campus (each slice is 1/4 of a pizza), J Dawgs is a Provo must. We also really miss El Gallo Gerro on University. And Marleys in the Riverwoods. They have the best skinny fries in the world.


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