Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To Move or Not To Move

We have been living in our current apartment for almost three years now (it will have been three years in about 3 weeks), and here is the sad truth:

I've kind of hated our apartment almost since day one.

At first, my twitterpated newlywed self could easily look past the many indiscretions and blemishes of the place, including the non-washing dishwasher, cat-scratched bathroom door, lingering pet dander smell, and urine-colored walls. With our small collection of artwork and family photos, we were determined to bring some cheer to what was clearly a pretty ghetto apartment.

And I have lots of wonderful memories in this little place, scraggly carpet and all.

Then more stuff started going awry---

-asbestos in the ceiling,
-the dishwasher breeding what sounds like an angry gorilla with a head cold,
-stained kitchen tiles (since the grout was never sealed),
-a non-working doorbell,
-flickering electricity that sometimes just cuts out for no apparent reason,

and on and on and on.

Now, if we were still getting the sweet deal we were originally getting on the place ($500/month with included heat and Internet), I would be here til the cows we never had came home.

But no---we are now footing nearly $150 extra on our monthly rent and utility bills since the new owner stopped paying for Internet and heat.

So it's basically come to this---stay in a ghetto apartment and pay nearly as much as we'd pay for a nicer one, or bite the bullet and pay an extra $40 or so and move to a more well-kept place?

On Sunday, after my entire plan to overhaul my life (see last Sunday's blog post), I was in the mood for some serious overhauling of everything, including my job, apartment, and general leisure time. And though I actually did try to apply for another job, it's not looking like it's going to pan out, so it looks like my focus will have to go elsewhere.

The problem is, I originally wanted to move to SAVE us money since I've been complaining like crazy about the extra $150 we've been paying. But on Monday, Matt and I went to go look at some super nice apartments just a couple streets down from ours, and we were a bit smitten with the fresh paint, clean carpet, and ample storage space. Writing everything down, it will figure that if we move there, we will pay around $30-50 more a month than what we pay here, but for a place that's twice as nice.

So here's the real question----to move or not to move? Or should we keep looking around to see if there's something cheaper (even if it means trading one ghetto apartment for another)?

What would you do?


  1. 3 years in one place! Man that would be heaven. Due to one reason or another we have lived in a total of 6 different places in the 4 years we have been married. :-P Although, with all the moving we don't have too much extra stuff since it is easier to throw out than move around.

    And...I vote move. Especially if you don't like your apartment. A new start in a new place is awesome and moving helps ya throw out all that stuff you don't really need and re-organize everything else. And maybe you can find a way to cut back on somethings to even out the cost a little?

  2. Move! If it's only $30-$50 more a month, it is definitely worth it. I've been in the same place for almost four years and I would definitely move if I found somewhere for just $30 more a month and I hate moving. So I say go for it!

  3. Move! Something I've learned this year is that splurging on things you use every single day is well worth it. A house you can feel happy in and also feel proud of and welcomed home to--that's such an important thing to have. Knowing that it would make a big difference in your everyday happiness means it's totally worth the $30-50 a month and the upgrade!

  4. I would certainly move. You have to take in to consideration not only the $30-50 difference but the fact that you are NOT apparently happy in the place you are in now. Not to mention the whole electric going out for no reason. That is a sure sign of a hazard waiting to happen. You may come home one day to find that the whole place is gone up in smoke and due to electricity.

    Certainly your health and welfare outweighs the $30-$50 difference. Besides Happy wife means happy life. Motto my husband lives by.

  5. I have been in the same exact place as you! My husband and I were living in an older apartment that we chose quickly because we had family moving in with us and we needed a bigger place. I hated the apartment at first. It was so old. So, So, So, Old. We moved in because it was a good deal. After 5 years we had enough. We ended up moving into a place that was brand new but $ 25 more a month . However, overall we are paying less. The electricity is so much cheaper because it is a new unit. Not to mention we have saved on quarters since we have our own washer and dryer. Not to mention the location is better so we are paying less in gas! Sometimes a little bit more on rent is better because it makes up for it in other places!

  6. I vote move. I think we keep ourselves from having nice things for various logical reasons, but the bottom line is, if you can afford it and you want to do it, go for it. I'vr lived in ghetto apts; I've lived in nicer places, the only thing that made living in a nicer place not worth it is if we literally could not afford it. The pain of moving always includes deposit and dealing with move out processes. If you are up for dealing with the hassle it will be worth it.

  7. I'd move! Your environment has a big deal with how you feel all the time. When you are renting, I feel like it is so important to like where you are because there are very few things you can change about where you are living.

  8. Holy cow that's cheap! (I'm used to Orlando where the average 1 bedroom is about $800 with nothing included.) I'd definitely move - home needs to be a place that you look forward to coming back to. Plus, moving will give you another chance to cut down possessions to simplify even more. I know that nothing makes me declutter like thinking "OMG, do I really want to pack this up, load it in the car, haul it up 3 flights of stairs and unpack it?"

  9. well. i think i vote move too. it's bee a long time you've 'dealt' with your apartment. even if moving to a cheaper place means one ghetto apt to least it's a change of ghetto scenery?? and if the few extra bucks a month is ok with you - go ahead and splurge for a nicer place! but just do what you feel is comfortable. being stressed over money every month is not a fun, healthy thing. but a lot of times, even if the money is more and the budget is a bit tighter - the nicer place will you make you happier. it just will.

  10. You should.move. Take advantage of cheap rent now because as soon as you move out of Logan you can face the reality of what a nice two bedroom apt. costs. Living in a nice place can really help the way you feel.


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