Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Life in Numbers This Week

Number of new ankle boots bought in the past week: 2 (I was hesitant about jumping on that particular trend, but I decided I really love the pairs I got, esp. the ones in these pics)
Number of miles run over my long 4-day weekend: 14.65 (woo hoo!)
Number of papers graded over that 4-day weekend: 0
Number of papers I have to grade over the next two weeks before final grades come due: 510, with an additional 150 tests (I'm not even kidding)
Number of inevitable meltdowns due to said paper load: at least 2
Number of chocolate kisses/nuggets eaten over the weekend: approximately 60
Number of minutes spent doing my hair this morning: 1
Number of times I hit the snooze button this morning: 1
Number of 7-11 hot chocolates consumed in last week: 3
Number of hours spent as an assistant (of sorts) in a real, live photo shoot yesterday: 3.5
Approximate percentage of my 3rd hour class driving me nuts today: 80
Number of students who fell while I tried teaching a more complicated lift during country swing today: 5
Number of students who brought me chocolate for Valentine's Day: 1 (but it was a giant Hershey's bar, so it should really count for like 3)
(Number of students who brought me chocolate or candy for  V-day last year: about 12)
Number of items on my to-do list this week: 47
Number of items I absolutely HAVE to get done on said list this week: 32

It's going to be a busy one ahead, people. Pray for me and my 500+ pages of grading. . .


  1. 510 papers?! Oh my goodness. I'd eat a mountain of chocolate and have a meltdown too. Teachers do so much outside of the classroom just to keep things running smoothly. Keep on trucking and good luck this week!

  2. Yikes, all these numbers make my head spin! Good luck with all those papers!! And I LOVE your ankle boots, they are so cute!!

  3. I love this outfit and the ankle boots look great on you!

  4. I love a cute ankle bootie! This outfit is really cute!

  5. Haha the boots were the first thing I noticed in the picture! Super cute. Sounds like a nice little break followed by sugar induced madness. Good luck on those papers. I'm surprised you don't need contacts yet..I literally would go blind grading 510 papers.


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