Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, I'm Ready For You

Yesterday was the first day I'd ventured outside (or bothered to dress) in almost a week--this flu I've been riding has really been something else.

But, despite my sickness, I still feel the familiar enthusiasm that always accompanies a brand new year---the world around me may be gloomy and well below freezing, but my motivational fire is always at a high come January 1st.

This year I feel like it's especially so; perhaps it's because I'm coming off of a year where I actually completed all (all!) of my new year's resolutions, but I am SO ready to tackle this latest batch of goals.

So here you go--my official new year's resolutions for 2014:

1. Keep a running diary

All the serious runners do this (or so it seems). It's about time I considered myself a "serious runner."

My diary will include the following:
*how many miles run
*overall time
*fastest mile time
*type of workout (speed, tempo, long, slow, etc.)
*races run and race times

2. Completely fill out and finish the Gratitude journal I got from my sister

My sister got me this awesome journal for my birthday last year. My goal is to have completely finished filling it out this year. I've been trying for awhile now to get back into a regular journaling habit as well as trying to be more positive in my life, so I think this goal will help me with both resolutions.

3. Clean or organize our home for at least 20 minutes on most days

Now that my house has been picked over, simplified, and (mostly) organized, I need to work on upkeep. I think twenty focused minutes a day should do it. Let's see if I can finally make cleaning a habit!

4. Complete a monthly goal related to being a better homemaker

I think I do a pretty good job as a homemaker on some fronts, but this is an area I really want to improve on, especially before we start having kids and I have less time. Each month, I'll be specifying which homemaking goal I've chosen for the month, be it something with cooking, sewing, cleaning, decorating, finances, or so on.

5. Make monthly progress on Bucket List items by setting sub-goals every month for some of them.

You may have noticed a new tab on my blog's home page: my bucket list. Perhaps this is the goal I'm most excited about this year--I've been intending to write a bucket list forever (and I kind of wrote one when I was 16, some of which I've completed), and I've finally done it. I'm sure I'll add more dreams to the list as time goes on, but my bucket list is going to serve as a reminder of what this blog is all about: striving to be self-taught and a self-starter when it comes to reaching my goals.

My specific goals for January when it comes to homemaking and my bucket list will come in a future post :)

I'm always on the lookout for more things to add to my bucket list and would love some suggestions from you! Have you ever created a bucket list? What is something you've always wanted to do?


  1. Wow! Congratulations on achieving all of your goals from last year! This is the first year I've ever actually written down my goals... and I posted them to the internet... so I'm hopeful that will keep me accountable. Here's to hoping that next year I will look as... triumphant and excited as you do :)

    You have a great blog here! Now following and excited to read more :)


  2. Adding your bucket list to the blog is a good idea, I might have to copy that if you don't mind? ;) I also want to run a half marathon in less than 2 hours and go on a hot air balloon ride. I also want to travel to New Zealand and Africa, go on several different cycling trips again (we cycled through Denmark and Germany this summer), sky dive... to name a few. Stuff I've accomplished: ran the half marathon this summer (time: 2:02!), swam with dolphins, climbed the highest mountain in Germany, bungee jumped... Here's to crossing a few off in 2014!

    You can check out my New Year's Resolutions here:

  3. Love the idea to track your running, maybe I should do this.

  4. I love the bucket list idea. I always thought it I had a bucket list it would include: Run a marathon. I am not a runner so there are lots of mini goals to build up to that one. I also have a list of places I want to go which would have to be on that list. I would also add vague things like make a difference in someone's life. It makes me think of The Bucket List movie where he puts "see something majestic". You can't plan to accomplish it, it just happens and you know it.


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