Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Maybe the January Diet Needs to Start Early...

I am currently reading Happier at Home, in which Gretchen Rubin talks about two types of dieters: moderators and abstainers. She says that some people in their diet will only succeed if they eat in moderation---in other words, if they try to cut anything out of their diet or make something "off limits," they are more likely to fail because they do better when they eat less of certain foods rather than cutting out those foods entirely.

Abstainers, on the other hand, should never let themselves be tempted with even a small bite---their lack of self-control once starting to inhale their favorite junk makes them much more likely to succeed if they just cut out the food group entirely.

I always thought I was a moderator, but with my massive intake of heavy sweets this season already (most days I have literally taken in more sugar foods than non-sugar foods), I'm beginning to think that maybe I'd better swear off junk food until the actual holiday.

I mean, you know it's bad when you're already feeling sick from eating so many sweets, but all you crave is more sweets because real food has lost its appeal. You also know it's bad when you catch yourself saying this over yet another bowl of ice cream: "December is a month for excess. January is the month for dieting."

No bueno.

On the other hand, many of my favorite foods (peppermint fudge ice cream, gingersnaps, candy cane fudge) are generally only available now, and a small part of my soul just wants to die at the thought of not being able to get in my fair share of them this holiday.

It's a dilemma of the worst kind for the sugaraholic.

In good news, I am still managing to run three times a week.

In bad news, I am still gaining weight due to the massive intake of said sugar. (At least I haven't touched Diet Dr. Pepper for over a month now----gotta count those small victories.)

So, I think I might have to try and avoid the treats in the faculty room this week and start pawning more sweets off on Matt. Sounds like a plan.

Are you a moderator or an abstainer? And are you already thinking of your January diet?


  1. I'm definitely an abstainer! If I have one piece of chocolate I want a whole pound of it, but if I don't have even a bite I don't even think about it. Earlier this year I spent several months having sweets only on days that start with 's.' It was actually very easy to do, but I fell out of it. I'm thinking it's time to start again! I'm a very healthy eater 90% of the time, but now that I'm surrounded by this temptation it's been more like 75%. :(

    1. Having sweets on days that only start with S's. What a great idea! Maybe I'll be adopting that idea real soon around here...Thanks for sharing!

  2. i literally cannot NOT eat ice cream if we have it in our freezer. so the only way to not eat it is if it's a kind i really don't like or if we don't have it at all. so i don't buy it. other things - candies, cake, etc i don't have the same temptation as ice cream. so i can just say no to them. usually. ;)

  3. I think I am both. I try not to buy too many sweets because then I will obviously eat them if they are there. But then there are days where I get a sweet tooth craving and if we have nothing then I will just get ravenous and want to buy a whole box of donuts. It is really a lose lose for me. I have told Sam to not get me any candy for Christmas. I hope that helps a little.


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