Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Re-Reading Conundrum

Picture from back in 2008 when I still had a female roommate :) 
My dad once made a comment to the effect of, "Whenever I'm around, you are ALWAYS reading. I think you have a book in your hand in almost every picture I take of you."
I argued with him for a second, but then I checked---
He was totally right.
Lately I've been thinking morbid thoughts along these lines:
If I only have 60 or 65 years more to live (give or take), how am I ever going to find time to read all the books on my recommended reading lists?!?!
It's a question that's been seriously freaking me out.
If you don't believe me, let me tell you this----I've actually started to do the math to see if it's possible, and the numbers aren't pretty.
If I manage to knock out roughly 25 books average a year for the next 60 years, that's only 1500 books. To anyone else, this probably doesn't seem like a catastrophe. But between this list of 1,001 books I must read before I die, and this list of 100 most-recommended classics, and this list of all the young adult Newbery winners and runners-up, I have AT LEAST over 1500 books I need to read before I kick it.
And we can't forget the fact that I actually like to, you know, pick up a random book that's NOT on a list (heaven forbid) and read that, too.
So this is what I've tentatively decided:
I basically can never re-read any book ever again. (I'll make an exception for the scriptures.)
Or, if I'm really desperate to read something again (like Harry Potter, which I've read books 1-4 at least 20 times a piece, no lie), I have to find it on audiobook and enjoy it again that way.
It's the only way.
The problem is, I actually really LIKE to re-read books---I ALWAYS get more out of a book the second or third time around.
It's basically the greatest conundrum of my intellectual life right now.
So here's the real question---should I just simply accept the fact that I probably won't be able to read all the books I want to in my life? Should I up my ante and discipline myself to read 100 books every year? Should I just throw caution to the wind and READ WHATEVER THE HECK I WANT?
I need answers, people.
What are your thoughts on re-reading? Are you a re-reader?


  1. I am SO a re-reader, and my sisters don't understand me! They're always like, "eww, how can you be re-reading?" I don't know why, but I just love it!

  2. I LOVE re-reading. And I just console myself that I can devote a century or two of eternity reading. (But then I start thinking about Jane Austen or more of my favorite authors producing content during that and trying to keep up... haha random thoughts)

  3. I never used to be a re-reader, but once I read Jane Austen - BAM! I'm a re-reader. You're just going to have to amp it up to 100 books a year and, sorry, no more life for you! Only reading.

  4. I am not a re-reader of books. I keep books I love, but I rarely re-read something.

  5. whatever the heck you want! haha!

  6. whatever you want :D. My method of reading would probably send chills down your back. Not only do i like to re-read, but I'm usually reading about 4 books at a time. Whichever one captivates me, gets finished. I usually digest slowly the books i'm reading. I can't make up my mind on just choosing ONE!

  7. I read my favorite books over and over every few years after I begin to forget them :)

  8. You have to re-read books sometimes. It's easy to forget some of the plot and it's so wonderful to feel like you're meeting old friends again. I say, read whatever you want. You'll have some years where you read more than others, so it will all even out in the end.


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