Friday, November 22, 2013

Collared Shirts & I Have a Complicated Relationship

There was one year of my life (in 7th or 8th grade) where I went through this phase where I couldn't STAND to wear anything long-sleeved. No matter how cold it was, I would refuse to wear long-sleeved shirts, and even my coats had to be loose so that my arms (especially my forearms) didn't feel too restricted.

I eventually (kinda) got over that particular hurdle (although I will say this---long sleeves will never be my favorite), but there IS one particular wardrobe hang-up I've never fully overcome:

The feeling of material on my neck.

I own two turtlenecks that I rarely ever wear (and I mean RARELY--we're talking once every year or two) and about 25 collared shirts. Considering how seldom I put these items of clothing on, you'd think I'd have the sense just to get rid of them (and then stop buying them, for crying out loud).

The problem is this:

The time I always get the most compliments (seriously) is when I'm wearing a turtleneck or collared shirt. In fact, I once dated a guy who ONLY complimented me when I was wearing either a collared shirt or a skirt (or both). Additionally, it seems that those types of shirts seem to always be the easiest to layer, to make an outfit more interesting, and to make me look professional and polished with minimal fuss.

What gives?

Basically it's come to the point where I have to bribe myself---"If I wear this shirt today, I'll let myself change into sweats right after work, and I'll even throw a 7-11 hot chocolate in to boot."

I couldn't make up this stuff if I tried, people.

I'm assuming that the way to get over this ridiculous hang-up is to either A) stop being so vain and just wear whatever the heck I want already, or B) wear collared shirts so often that I would even feel comfortable (heaven forbid) sleeping in them.

Do you like wearing collared shirts and/or long sleeves? (In other words, are you capable of putting those items on your neck and arms and not even worrying about it?!)

If so, you should tell me your secret.


  1. I love wearing long sleeve shirts and sweaters, but I hate turtlenecks. They should be banned from the world, actually.

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  3. I couldn't wear a turtleneck shirt if I tried. Never. I won't do it. I will wear collared shirts, but I agree, it isn't my favorite thing ever. I love plaid and flannel, but I hate to have to wear a coat with them. I also allow myself to put on leggings as soon as I get home if I wear it. Hahaa!!


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