Monday, August 5, 2013

The Art of Losing IS Hard to Master

So take that, Elizabeth Bishop.

Matt and I had a rather solemn Sunday yesterday--we spent it moping around the house, drowning our sorrows in faux-homemade ice cream (melted peanut butter mixed into frozen Cool Whip and topped with hot fudge) and Disney movies.

What was the reason for our sadness?

These people:

You see, the Shipleys have been our closest friends for the past year--we'd made a tradition of doing games together on Sundays (and usually on some of the days in the middle), going on double dates, getting together for dinner, and talking for hours about books and movies and church and school and everything in between.

And they moved yesterday.


Do you know how far away Texas is from Utah?

(I don't know the exact answer to that, but I can tell you this: it's too far to make the drive to play games every Sunday night.)

So that we could get in one last hurrah, we all went to a quaint little sandwich place that Matt and I had never tried called Logan's Heroes on Friday night.

(Side note: at the risk of sounding uber-cheesy, I thought it appropriate that we went to a diner with that name, considering that the Shipleys have been like heroes in Logan for us---their friendship has been one of the brightest spots in our lives the past year.)

Matt's especially going to miss this little face---he and Brigham have been inseparable since we first went over there for our first game night over a year ago. (So inseparable, in fact, that I'm still not quite sure if Brigham really knows who I am half the time since he's so busy hanging out with his buddy Matt...)

My whole life I've been blessed with the best friends a girl could ever hope for. The problem is, that makes saying goodbye to them every so often harder and harder.

Sometimes, with each goodbye (especially with this one, for some reason), I wonder if we'll ever meet people we both click with so well ever again. Sometimes I wonder when we'll stop having close friends (if we ever do)--will it be when we ourselves move away to grad school next year? When we have kids? When people start realizing how nerdy we really are?

Or if we DO meet new friends, I wonder if we'll both be able to get along with the other couple (because what usually happens is only one of you clicks, at least that's how my experience has been). With the Shipleys, it was that blessed rare occurrence that all of us meshed as a group, and we all got along equally well.

Am I totally paranoid or negative for thinking like this?

Anyway, these were some of the thoughts going through my head yesterday (as I was valiantly choking back tears because I was the ONLY ONE crying when we all said our goodbyes).

But I guess there is a silver lining in this---at least Matt won't be staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning a couple times a week playing League of Legends with Jon.


Good luck in Texas, Shipleys! All of your future friends and neighbors will be better for you being there :)


  1. it's hard(er) making friends when you're older and married and then kids start entering the picture and's just harder for some reason. it's like you don't get as close with people either lots of times. i'm not sure why. sorry you lost some of your besties :( but i'm sure there are many new besties out there you've yet to meet!

  2. I don't want to be a downer, but you are totally right to be worried about it. We had tons of awesome friends in Logan and then we moved to Lehi and have yet to find friends that both of us click really well with. We have friends and are friendly, but no real "best friends." It gets harder when you're old and have children. I'm sure if you make an effort though, it will happen.

  3. The hanging out and game nights might not happen, but if you make an effort to keep contact, even just texts or a call every so often, I believe besties will stay besties. What a wonderful, rare, and beautiful thing finding true friendship is. Still, it doesn't make the fact that they are leaving any easier :( :(. *sigh* So it is with life.


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