Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Tell-All

*When your mom's got four girls and two of those four girls have recently had babies who do funky toe tricks, of COURSE the only logical thing to do when you all get together is to start spreading out your toes in front of each other to see if the weird baby foot tricks are genetic.

*And now we all know that we Fedor girls have alien feet.

*What weird things have you done with your family to compare genetic traits? (I know we surely can't be the only ones...)

*So last Saturday, Matt and I finally got most of our vegetable garden all planted. Aside from almost getting heat stroke and Matt maybe kind of freaking out just a little bit over a spider, we felt pretty proud of ourselves. But then yesterday, we got some bad news---we thought the automated watering system on the garden had already started, so we hadn't watered our plants all weekend (or at all since putting them in). So, in horror, we ran over to the garden only to find that about half of our plants were in critical condition with a poor prognosis for a future. We tried our best to revive them with a good, solid watering last night, but y'all should send a little prayer out for our plants, k?

*(because we really don't want to have to buy new ones and plant again)

*Last night, Matt and I stole away to this local Mexican restaurant (El Sol) because I was definitely not in the mood for cooking. It kind of felt a little indulgent to go out to eat on a weeknight---I kinda liked it!

*(Can you tell we don't get out much?)

*Honestly, I'm not sure if I'll be cooking much for the rest of this month, period. Not only is our swamp cooler not working (even though it's due to be set up sometime within the next couple weeks--hallelujah!), but my classroom has gotten overly stuffy and warm the past week or so. Therefore, the last thing I want to do is come home and use an oven or stove, which brings me to this pressing question: what can I make for dinner that doesn't require cooking besides cereal?

*The heat in the classroom was so bad today that I ended up leaving almost an hour earlier than I'd intended to. I'd wanted to stay until four to really start attacking all these items on my grading to-do list, but I just couldn't handle it---3:20, and I was outta there like an overdue baby.

*On Saturday we ended up taking a semi-surprise trip home to make a friend's BBQ (and to surprise our moms for Mother's Day). At said BBQ, we played croquet, at which time I made an important discovery: after about six years of not playing croquet (which used to be a regular staple in my summers as a teenager), I royally stinketh at the sport. I wish I could blame most of that on the cheap croquet mallets, but alas...

*(I also wanted to blame it on the weird house rules---who plays where you get two extra hits for tapping another player's ball with your own? Weird.)

*We finally got a new landlord at our place, and we couldn't be more pleased. You KNOW he's got to be worlds better than the last ones when you don't even mind that your wall sounds like it's going to come crashing down on you from all the drilling and construction going on.

*Last night, Matt and I finally sat down and started mapping our summer. It turns out we're going to be gone on vacation or on campouts almost as many weeks as we'll be home. I don't know how I feel about that. Do you prefer your summer to be jam-packed with trips and fun outings or more laidback and unplanned?


  1. for sure - my siblings and i have compared weird body traits. nose things, ear things, finger things.....you name it. you're not the only ones! although we've yet to compare toes, i think...

    and as far as summer - i like a good 2 or 3 planned trips but other than that, i like to relax and be laidback and maybe have a spontaneous weekend or two just cuz we can :)

  2. Weird family traits? You are talking to the girl who's sisters, and herself, all have slightly webbed toes. But you already knew that. Weird thing is that none of the nieces in my family have it. I haven't really been cooking either because 1) We went out a lot when Bethany was visiting 2) I am so pooped when I get home that I can never think of what to make or physically don't have time 3) it's freaking hot and our AC is not hooked up yet so why would I want to cook? I feel you.

  3. I can do that with my toes too!

  4. A lot of people in my family are double jointed in our elbows. They don't stay flat, they hyperextend and a bunch of us can turn them all the way around. I know what you mean about cooking in a hot house. Our apartment in Bountiful didn't have anything adn only had tiny windows, half of which were painted shut. I HATED cooking in the summer. It was like a sauna in there. We'd always leave our door open to get some cool air. I think busy summers are good, if they're busy with things you want to do anyway.


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