Monday, December 10, 2012

Recall of Worst Housewife of the Year Award?


a couple weekends back, I ran across this book on organizing during one of my escape trips to Barnes & Noble (you'd be surprised at how often those trips seem to happen).

I felt so inspired that I ended up ordering the book from Amazon a few days later and, in my frenzy of excitement over the matter, decided to try and get a headstart on the whole Get-Organized ordeal.

Actually, what really started the whole business was the fact that I wanted to find the David Archuleta Christmas c.d. that Matt gave me two years ago, so I could stop being a Scrooge and get into the holiday music spirit already. So Saturday afternoon found me tip-toeing through the wrapping paper and food storage littering the floor in our spare bedroom until I came face to face with The Beast (aka, our closet).

Sadly, the picture above is the AFTER picture.

True story.

What I'm really trying to say is that I spent almost four hours this weekend going through zillions of boxes of who-knows-what, and I still didn't find my c.d.

But I DID find a one-dollar bill.

So I guess it was all worth it in the end, if you think about it.

Please tell me you have a spare room in your house that's as bad as ours.

Or worse.

That would for sure make me feel better about life :)


  1. ours is definitely worse! haha!

    also, i love that your food storage includes an insane amnt of diet dp!

  2. We don't have a spare room, so you can just imagine what our one bedroom apartment looks like...

  3. my goodness, i'm not sure that you have quite enough DDP's or cake mixes.... ;)

    and yes, we've had TWO spare bedrooms that looked similar to this. hopefully by the 22nd they'll be a little less....full.

  4. Just be lucky that you have a spare bedroom. We have a closet... But I must say it is pretty organized. I think if we have a spare room it would look like yours though. Or it would be empty since we don't really have furniture. Good thing you found that $1 bill. Makes all the organizing worth it.

  5. Maybe it's a good thing we don't have a spare bedroom. We do have a storage unit thing that came with the apartment where we store like luggage and stuff. Hal's been on a non hoarding kick, so our apartment stays pretty organized.

  6. Don't worry, you're totally normal. Unfortunately my clutter space is an entire unfinished basement. My husband is going to start finishing it and I'm like, "Where will we put all of our junk?"


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