Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Card Rejects

Even though these are the pictures that didn't make the cut to put on our Christmas card (which may or may not be a theoretical concept as of now--it all depends on how my energy levels are feeling in about a week), I still liked 'em enough to share.

Funny story: we had originally planned on going to West Bountiful pond to take the pictures (which is where we took our engagements, actually), but there were so many unexpected fun little places on the way there that we never ended up going.

Oh well. At least this way we won't get the two photo sessions confused since we pretty much look the same (except that Matt has facial hair and I've lost 10 pounds).

Stay tuned to see our online Christmas card in a couple weeks, which will be graced with the winning shot :)


  1. ahh i love finding fellow lds bloggers :)
    your "reject" pictures are so cute! i hope you post the "non-reject" ones too!

  2. you were pretty much in my backyard and didn't even tell me. rude.

  3. hey thanks for commenting back! sorry i took long to respond. im kinda slow at those things haha. but i'm a teacher for ESL students! not full time but i'm interning now :)

  4. Well the reject pictures are pretty cute themselves. We went a little Cambodian with our cards this year. I should post a picture of them.


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