Monday, October 15, 2012

What To Do When a Parent Tries To Get You Fired

So for all you teachers or would-be teachers who have asked yourself the question, "What should I do if an angry parent of one of my students tries to get me fired?",

I have the answer.

When a parent writes to your principal detailing 8 reasons why you're an ineffective teacher, here's what you do:

You slather on some bright fuchsia lipstick to put a little extra bounce back into your step


You make a chocolate pie.

(That is, of course, after you spend your prep hour crying and freaking out. Just to clarify.)

It also didn't hurt that this little gem from my buddy Aristotle came to my mind:

"To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing."

So, although the weekend didn't get off to the best start, a big THANK YOU to the Barruses for saving me with a way fun Pie Night!

Oh, and in case you're worried, I am not being fired. Just FYI.


  1. I can't IMAGINE that you'd get fired. You're an excellent teacher.

  2. I'm sorry torrie. I know you are a great teacher!

  3. Honestly i can't think of a harder job than being a teacher. you will be so ahead of the game in lots of things later in life because of your experiences now. parenting for one! You are an amazing teacher!!!! You better believe it! (i'm glad you had pie ;))

  4. who would want to fire torrie??? i'd have you as my teacher if i could ;)

  5. Oh, I thought you were going to give the chocolate pie to the angry parent...ha ha! Might work... ;)

  6. Um, you're joking right? I mean nothing wrong with making a healthy chocolate pie to gorge on every now and then....but I agree...people are dumb. You're amazing. And no one can ever tell you less.

    love, daisy.

  7. Some parents are just crazy. Boo to them. You are awesome and they should realize how lucky they are that their children are being taught by the most capable person I can think of who actually cares more about students than most other teachers. I love you Torrie.

  8. What? It's like 2 months into the school year, how can they say you're ineffective? LAME! I'm sorry that happened to you. That's the worst. Just think about all of the parents who didn't right notes, that means they love your teaching, right?

  9. I can't imagine how hard that is especially in the first part of your school year as a teacher..ahhh.

    Your resiliency really impresses me.


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