Thursday, December 8, 2011

O Tannenbaum

There's just something so magical about putting up a Christmas tree...

Magical because each ornament represents something:

A milestone... 

Old memories and favorite childhood decorations...

Or constant reminders of our parents' love (each year my dad gets us a personalized ornament that reminds him of us in some way, and the gorgeous gold, white, and blue-themed ornaments were a wedding gift from my mom).

And when all is said and done and Matt is finished grumbling about all the "sparklies" everywhere,

there's just nothing like sitting in the darkness

and basking in the glow of tiny Christmas lights,

hand in hand with the one I love.

It's going to be a beautiful first Christmas together.


  1. i so agree with you. nothing better than darkness other than the light from the tree. i am so sad we don't get to have our own tree up this year :( good thing christmas comes every year.


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