Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tell-All Tuesday

*Although my body fought back valiantly (and had been ahead in the battle for about 2 weeks), it finally succumbed to Matt's cold. I now officially have a sore throat, dry cough, and congestion. I'm just glad it hasn't been as bad as Matt's, though. I still think it was all them apples that kept me fighting for so long!!

*Can I just say how satisfying it was to drop all 48 of the last thank-you cards into the mail yesterday?

*The two lessons I taught to the psych classes at the local high school last week went amazingly well. My observing teacher said he's never seen a student teacher manage a class so perfectly or teach her subject so effortlessly. I'm still smiling about it. Yay! :)

*I missed all the excitement at work yesterday---apparently the management sprung a surprise drug test on everybody first thing (while I was at school). It was the talk at the figurative water cooler all day long.

*Thanksgiving is upon us in two weeks, and I am READY.

*My skin has felt (and looked) pretty amazing since I bought all those skin care products at the Mary Kay party last weekend. Yesterday in my work's bathroom, I was admiring the disappearance of the worry lines on my forehead. There ARE miracles in a jar, people!

*Yesterday we celebrated our 6-month anniversary. I'll be posting more about that in tomorrow's last Wedding Wednesday post. Has it really been 19 weeks already since I started that?!

*I'm starting to miss my long hair now that my haircut is starting to grow into the awkward middle stage. Sigh. This always happens to me.

*Speaking of hair, on Sunday I wore a headband for the first time ever. I mean, it was one of those uber-skinny rubber-band-type ones, but still. I felt very chic-teen.

*I'd best stop procrastinating my reading assignment for class, seeing as how it starts in 25 minutes.

What would you put in your own Tell-All Tuesday?


  1. i'll admit it - i never sent out my thank you notes. i wrote about half, probably. and never sent them. how awful and just plain lazy is that?? you go, team.

  2. THANK YOU for spelling chic the right way (vs. sheek) HAHA! I too am ready for Thanksgiving! I always enjoy your tell all tuesdays :)
    As for me,
    Kids and I went to the park today. That is pretty much the only productive thing I can say for myself this day.


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