Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tell-All Tuesday

*It's raining today. Love that!

*I've been re-moved to yet another corner at my work (except it looks like this will be my permanent corner). It's kind of great, except for the fact that when about 3:00 hits, the sun is directly in my eyes and it's about a million degrees. But other than that, it's nice and peaceful in my little corner. I just want to erect walls around my desk and hang a sign that says, "I just don't want to be bothered." Wouldn't that be great?

*I'm wearing Matt's sweater today. I have a feeling that I might start stealing his clothes more and more as time goes on...

*Between eating birthday cake, Leatherby's ice cream, Marie Callendar's chocolate satin pie, and three gourmet cupcakes, I think it's time to go back on The Diet. Sigh. At least my body has been much better than I thought it would be at keeping the ten pounds off (with the exception of this last weekend)

*I'm starting to get used to my new haircut, although I still can't get over how weird it is to shampoo it (there's just nothing back there!!)

*I've apparently started to become Shaneekwa, the blanket-hoarder of the night. Matt woke up this morning and told me it was like a fight all night long to get even a tiny bit of blanket, so he just gave up. Who ever would have thought I'd be a covers hog?

*I feel like if I burrowed myself far enough into this cozy fleece sweater, I could just doze off. Like an owl.

*What do you all have to "tell" this Tuesday? Comment your random-ness right here (I need a good distraction from my adult responsibilities!)


  1. *I think it's scary yet exciting that I am driving a university vehicle with 7 students to a debate tournament in Ohio on Friday.

    *Putting students into groups is like a puzzle, and one the math major in me loves.

    *I finally organized my cubicle in the graduate student offices.

    That's all for now :)

  2. Robin Hood puts a sock on his nose and suddenly nobody knows he's a fox, or Robin Hood. It's amazing!

  3. *When I woke up, I found Gabe was up already and wandering the house (scary)... then I kissed his little face and noticed it tasted like maple syrup (double scary). I then go to the fridge to see what scary things I might find, and see the maple syrup (in pourable container) precariously balanced on a small cherry tomato container - but no spills!

    *I actually remembered to water the lawn REALLY well yesterday, right before the down pour today. awesome

    *Our neighbors have been taking us up on our offer for them to use our dryer while theirs is broken, only I haven't realized it until I walked over there yesterday and they said they've been using it and thanks, that kind of creeped me out. Was it in the dark of night?? I'm ALWAYS home, how did I not know this??

  4. jae also tells me i'm a cover hog. most mornings the covers are more over (not completely, but more) on my side than on his. he's usually barely covered. i'm not yet convinced i'm the cover hog. i think he's a cover giver.... ;)

  5. I am still getting used to my haircut too! I know exactly what you mean by using way too much shampoo and conditioner!


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