Sunday, September 18, 2011

One More Proof

Here is one more piece of evidence that should have been added on to my last CIU Challenge--in this outfit, I am not only wearing skinny jeans (something I totally picked up from style blogs), but I also layered two totally different necklaces to go with this awesome gray shirt I got for only a $1.50. I never would have thought to layer contrasting necklaces before (or even to wear more than one).

I'm so creative.

And for anyone who is wondering, these are the shoes that I ordered for our wedding but that turned out to be a little bit too green to match my colors. You can't blame me for keeping them, right??


  1. I loved the outfit especially in real life! The necklaces I thought were really great.

  2. love that shirt!! only 1.50?? steal! lookin good :)

  3. So cute!! Love the shoes, especially!!


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