Monday, July 19, 2010

Fearsome Threesome

I couldn't be more happy with these sisters who I will be "leaving" to carry on in Versailles and Joyas in just a couple of weeks. Hermana Nelson is from Bountiful; in fact, we graduated the same year (totally small world). Hermana Rodas is from Huehuetenango, Guatemala and is a natural missionary. Her dad is a Stake President and she is very dedicated. In fact, it seems like she has already been out about six months instead of just the few days that I have had the opportunity to "train" her. I was also thrilled beyond belief this week when both of them expressed their amazement at how incredibly supportive and united our branch is...hearing that, I knew that my work here is about done.

Marleny's Baptism

7/3/10: The baptism of Marleny Uribe de Fuentes was beautiful.
Here she is with her returned missionary brother, Jorge (who we have been working with to re-activate), her daugher Dulce, and her son Derek (who would like to get baptized but is awaiting permission from his father).
The man in white in white is President Morazan who is the branch president in Versailles.
What a beautiful family! We are hoping for Derek's baptism to take place soon and for Marleny's husband, David, to show more interest in seeing what the Gospel is all about.
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