Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elena's Baptism

Yesterday (2/21/10) Elena Antoineta Parada got baptized early in the morning before the meetings started. It was my first baptismal service in the morning, and it was wonderful--there wasńt the usual noise throughout the rest of the chapel or the usual noise of construction and selling going on outside. Only the birds singing and complete silence within. It was beautiful. She was the only member of the immediate family who wasńt a member, so now the family is good to be sealed together in the temple when their son returns home from his mission.
Elena is 29 with 2 kids and is currently going through a pretty bad divorce. Shés probably one of the sweetest, most affectionate people Íve ever met, and was incredibly sincere in her repentance and as she was searching for the answers to her prayers. Hopefully Íll be able to travel back here to see their sealing.

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