Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Digs

Our "new" casa doesn't feel so new anymore now that we’ve been here a few weeks. The first house we lived in was a little nicer than this house, but both of the houses are nice as far as houses here go, so I'm counting my blessings.

Here are our beds. Do you like how I have no pillow or covers or anything? It's WAY too hot to sleep with covers, and I'm so tired at night, I don't even miss the pillow....

Here is our sink area...

...and our shower–looks a little better than the last place we lived, no?

Hermana Pasi and I are bonding even more now (we always got along, but now wére becoming more like good friends), and wére constantly pushing ourselves to improve the work.


  1. I'm scared of your apartment! Good luck Torrie! I miss you!!

  2. Hey Torrie,
    Hope you are able to read this sometime before you get home. Awesome pictures and congrats with the exito el la obra. Que pilas usted!
    All is great here at home. I moved out at the end of the year cuz I graduated. But Brad, Nick, Pete, and Court will all be in the same house next year. I got engaged last Saturday and will be getting hitched in December. Ya i know pretty unbelievable. In fact it is a friend of Katy Challis's that she set me up with.
    Good luck with the day to day mission life eh. It goes faster and faster so...Que Aproveche!!!! no regrets and work your tail off. I personally think your apartments look rather homely. Though I am partial to the cucharachas, showers that are washed once a year and make you think you are going to be electrocuted before your clean, and pilas para lavar. me extrana! puchica

    suerte vos

    Steve Lindsay


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