Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Baptisms

(5/17/09) Here we are at the "Bautismo de Santiago Garcia." He has such a powerful testimony and will be able to be a real leader here. (To his right is Erick Morena, one of our good friends here. He speaks English and is leaving on his mission in about 3 weeks for Guatemala City. He accompanies us all the time with our lessons and wére going to miss him a ton).
(5/24/09) Baptism of Henry! Since we first met with him a couple of months ago, we have seen a mighty change take place in his life as the Spirit has touched his heart.This family is like my family here--Hayzell (Henrýs sister) is 19, then Henry turns 17 in about 2 weeks, and Hna Toyita (Henry's abuela) is like my mom here. They always feed us and I love them more than anything.
Here is Henry and his family. (His mom and stepdad are on the right, and wére actually going to start teaching them today. Everyone else is a member).
Hna Pasi, Ana Gloria (behind her), and Estefani (behind me) are enjoying a delicious meal together. They're not exactly investigators (theýre devout evangelicos), but they feed us pupusas all the time. Another thing I love about the mission is even if people don't accept our message, we still learn from each other and love each other. That's how it should be!

New Digs

Our "new" casa doesn't feel so new anymore now that we’ve been here a few weeks. The first house we lived in was a little nicer than this house, but both of the houses are nice as far as houses here go, so I'm counting my blessings.

Here are our beds. Do you like how I have no pillow or covers or anything? It's WAY too hot to sleep with covers, and I'm so tired at night, I don't even miss the pillow....

Here is our sink area...

...and our shower–looks a little better than the last place we lived, no?

Hermana Pasi and I are bonding even more now (we always got along, but now wére becoming more like good friends), and wére constantly pushing ourselves to improve the work.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Baptisms

We had our first baptism on April 18th! His name is José Jeremías, and it was a very cool day for me. It was very different from any baptismal service I've ever been to in the States, just because the room containing the font was a lot smaller and there were a lot fewer people and we didn't even have a piano, but the Spirit was still strong and we were all really happy.
Our second baptism took place on April 25--an older man named Enrique Portillo. He's worked hard to stop his smoking and coffee habit and was able to enter into the waters of baptism. The boy in the yellow shirt is Marvin (pictured with his siblings below).

Life in Sensunapan

Kenny (bottom left corner) is one the girls we are teaching. Her family has listened in on a few of the discussions and her sister (not pictured) even came to Enrique's baptism with Kenny.
This is a family of kids that we are teaching. The oldest is Marvin, who has his "fecha" scheduled for the 9th of May. The next oldest is Gabriela, then Nilson and Alejandra. We are hoping to baptize this entire family with more time.
Here are some of the elders in our zone (from left): Elder Castellanos (our district leader), Elder Russell, (our zone leader), a recently returned missionary from our mission (don't remember his name), Elder Alston, Elder Paz, Elder Haag and Elder Medina.
The week before Easter, they have what they call Holy Week here where they have all these festivals and parades and crazy processions in the street. The people carry around a huge statue of Christ carrying a cross surrounded by all these candles and they go around chanting Halloween-type songs. Anyway, before the procession carrying the statue comes through, the people make these beautiful pictures in the street out of flowers, paint, or colored sand. This one with butterflies was a particularly cool one.
Here is the outside of our house where we first lived (we have since moved). It's actually pretty cute, no? It was actually one of the nicer houses in the area (despite the sink and shower). It was even nicer than the house we are currently living in, but both of the houses are nice as far as houses here go, so I'm counting my blessings.
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