Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In El Salvador at Last!

After a 4:30 a.m. departure time and a six hour bus ride, I'm finally here in El Salvador. I stayed in San Salvador at the mission home for one day and then took another hour and a half bus ride to my first area. It is called Sensonapan and is in the Sonsonate zone. My companion is Hermana Pasi from Hawaii. She is a such a warm and friendly person and is a really hard worker so we get along great.
Our living accommodations are very basic, to say the least. Here is a picture of our shower which is really just a little jet of water that comes out of the wall. We have to shut each other in from the outside by a hook or else the door flies open. The furniture in our apartment consists of two beds, a table, a shelf to put our clothes on and a refrigerator.
Our one and only sink is made of concrete and currently, we have no way to cook in our apartment as the stove is broken. It's lucky I like peanut butter because peanut butter sandwiches and fruit make up the bulk of our meals. It's truly an adventure here already and I am loving every moment of this amazing opportunity to serve the Lord and share the gospel with my brothers and sisters here in Central America.

The CCM (Guatemala MTC)

I love the CCM. My companion, Sister Martin, is from Montana and grew up on a ranch. She is an English Major like me and even wants to go to Utah State after her mission. Needless to say, we get along famously! She is going to serve her mission in Guatemala.
Hermanas Poteet and Schmidt were my original companions (for one day) the day I first arrived in Provo, and then they traveled with me to Guatemala. They are nursing missionaries and will also be serving in El Salvador. We wanted to show everyone the flags of all the places we have served in so far (or will serve in).
One funny thing they do here is point with their lips instead of their fingers or hands. Elders Morgan, Sigler, and Larson, me, Elder Judy and Hermana Martin are trying hard to get the hang up it before we go into the field.
President David Christensen is the CCM President here in Guatemala. He and his wife are such wonderful people. I have grown to love them so much.
Well, it's February 27 and tomorrow morning I'll be leaving the CCM along with all the other missionaries in this picture. It's hard to believe how many people I've come to know and love in such a short time. It will be hard as we all go our different ways but hopefully our paths will cross sometime in the future. I thought I cried a lot when I left the MTC in Provo, but this goodbye was way harder.
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