Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Quick Update Before I Have to Run...

I haven't updated in a couple weeks (mostly because I've just been so stinkin' busy!), but I thought I'd pop in here real quick to do a quick update on what's been happening. I wish I had some way of getting the pictures from my camera onto one of these school computers, but alas! The pictures will have to wait until next week when I go home (not that there are that many, but maybe by then there will be more).

This week's been pretty crazy; I had so much to do this week that I actually took off work tonight (I do drop-in tutoring for 2.5 hours every Wednesday and Thursday) so I could have some extra time to work on a big essay that's due tomorrow for my Mark Twain class. And yes, I probably should be working on that right now as I write this, but I have an athlete coming in about 15 minutes for help with math, and I figure there wasn't much use in getting everything spread out everywhere only to have to collect it all back up again. Luckily she only needs help for an hour, so I'll have the rest of the night to work on my essay.

Despite my busy-ness (and even despite the fact that I might possibly be coming down with a cold), I've had an excellent week. Today I had a big presentation in my African Lit class that required a lot of preparation on my part, and although I rarely get nervous before speaking, I got a teensy bit nervous before this particular presentation. But the whole thing went GREAT--much smoother than I thought it would, and I even got some really nice compliments from my classmates and teacher. So I feel really good about that. Last week marked a first for me in my academic college career: in this same African Lit class, I missed my first assignment ever (just because I'd totally spaced it), and my teacher was nice enough to let me hand it in late. Originally he said he was going to knock off a few points for it being late, but I got it back today and I'd received full marks! Happy day! I will never cease to marvel at the tender mercies my Father in Heaven gives me every week; it blows my mind.

Last week I had the opportunity to go to two sessions of conference down in Salt Lake--once with Matt and once with Manuel (a guy I met swing dancing about a month ago who I've become fast friends with). When Matt and I went, we had KILLER seats about seven rows back from the very front, right behind all the full-time missionaries. It made me SO giddy about my own mission coming up--I just couldn't wait to get out and spread the good word! Speaking of that, my call didn't come this week, just like I figured it probably wouldn't. But just knowing it COULD have come this week was exciting; I was on pins and needles all day yesterday just thinking about it. But I have a feeling it will come next least that's what I'm hoping for...

Funny story of the week: So I was in my mission prep (Institute) class the other day, and my teacher for that makes us do a lot of practical things--like teach lessons to each other--that we'll have to do on the mission. So last week got a chance to testify and teach to the class about how the Holy Ghost works in our lives, and every time someone teaches, the whole class always gives them a critique afterwards. Well, after I was done testifying (and had challenged the "investigators"), my teacher asked the class, "Okay, great. So class, what are your responses to that?" And some guy in the front row looks right at me and pipes up: "I will marry you right now." Between bursts of laughter, my teacher said, "Torrie, I think what he really means to say is, Will you wait for me two years?" So awkward. But so funny.

Anywho, I need to take a potty break before my athlete comes, so I'd better cut this off now. Hopefully by next week I'll have pictures (and my mission call!) to talk about. Until then, peace and love y'all!

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